Switch on and live nature

What is it you like most? Outdoor life? This is the place for you. Catalonia has so many natural spaces you won't manage to see them all... Extensive, green, mountainous, marine, snow-covered and sun-drenched. There you can do what most pleases you: leisure or adventure, observation or physical activity. On land, at sea, or up in the air. You choose, and you're bound to choose well.

If you're a mountain lover, we have all of the Pyrenean ski slopes, the network of long and short distance footpaths for hiking, the green ways for cycle touring, horse-riding, ravines... Or maybe you're more of an MTB rider? Perfect! In Catalonia there are 18 centres dedicated to this speciality.

Now, if what really gets you going is the beach, the Mediterranean's hidden coves await you along with kayaks for you to set off to sea and the best sea beds to explore. And, talking of water, we also have the peace and quiet of the Ebro Delta and the excitement of rafting and riverboarding in mountain rivers.

But if what you want is a taste of everything and not just one, you can go to Lleida province and get a bird's eye view from a balloon or hanging from a paraglider, or even go hang-gliding, take a helicopter or a twin-engined plane. Or you can also go by yourself and try parachuting and freefalling in Castelló d'Empúries-Empuriabrava, a reference in Europe.

Whatever you choose, live nature in Catalonia.