Virós Vallferrera

Ski resorts, Nordic
The Bosc Virós Ski Resort in the Alto Pirineo Nature Park, was opened in 2001 as an alternative way of enjoying the mountainside and the snow with cross-country skiing, snow-shoes and dog sleds.

The Bosc Virós cross-country skiing resort is located in Vall Ferrera, in the Pyrenean region of Pallars Sobirà. It is a new resort concept, opened in 2001 in the unparalleled setting of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. Through a variety of activities, the snow and winter mountain setting can be experienced in a different and special manner there.

The resort’s base is the Gall Fer refugi (lodge), located at 1,700 metres of altitude. It is set in an old, small stone building that has been restored and is watched over by a keeper. It’s a cosy space, equipped with basic amenities and completely surrounded by forests of natural and scenic beauty.

The network of cross-country ski trails extends from Gall de Fer and covers a total of 29 kilometres. The trails are designed for skiers of all skill levels and are located between 1,700 and 2,000 metres of altitude. Plus, there is a twelve-kilometre circuit specially designed for dog sledging.

Bosc Virós also has a bar, restaurant and accommodations, in addition to equipment rental, a ski school and guides for the various activities. Other activities can also be enjoyed, such as mountain skiing with snowshoes and orienteering, amongst others.

  • Maximum altitude: 2200
  • Minimum altitude: 1550
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish
  • No. of red runs: 4
  • No. of blue runs: 2
  • No. of green runs: 2
  • Km. of red runs: 10
  • Km. of blue runs: 11
  • Km. of green runs: 3
  • No. of snowshoe tracks: 2



Ski school

Medical service

Virós Vallferrera
  • Virós Vallferrera

  • Address:Area Bosc de Virós, s/n

  • 25595 Llavorsí

  • Lleida / Pyrenees

  • Virós Vallferrera
  • Virós Vallferrera

  • Address: Area Bosc de Virós, s/n

  • 25595 Llavorsí

  • Lleida / Pyrenees

  • Telephone:973 622 201

  • Fax:973 622 260

  • Web:

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