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Viladrau is well known for the important number of rivers and streams that flow into many fountains, with high quality water characterised by its weak mineralisation. Among the fountains, worth noting are those of Paitides, Or, Matagalls, Curas, Oratorio, Lobo and Roble.

These fountains are located in an environment of great natural beauty, such as the natural landscapes of the Rosquelles mountain range or Mirabell hill. Apart from this, we can find remarkable monuments, such as the casal de l’Espinzella (12th century), or facilities such as the Euoprean Cultural Centre of Nature.

Joan Sala y Ferrer (1594-1634), better-known as Joan de Serrallonga, one of the most famous bandits of Catalonia’s history, was born in Viladrau. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), it was the refuge and meeting place for two of Catalonia’s most significant 20th century poets: Josep Carner and Carles Riba.

The essentials

- Visit the parish church of Sant Martí.
- Drink the water of the fountains.
- Enjoy the local cuisine and landscapes in Xalet la Coromina.
- Climb up to the Matagalls peak.
- Experience the atmosphere of the Chestnut Fair and try the area’s typical product.


  • Region: Osona
  • Province: Girona
  • Location: Casiques, les, Corts, les, Guilleries, les, Índies, les, Paitides, les, Masvidal, Viladrau, Vilarmau, Vernets, els
  • Size: 51
  • Inhabitants: 1087

Economic activity

Tourism and service companies are the most significant part of the municipality. Industrial activity is almost inexistent.
  • Viladrau

  • Paisatges Barcelona

  • Viladrau
  • Viladrau

  • Paisatges Barcelona

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