Transcatalunya: Santa Susanna – Cardedeu

A stage with constant climbs and descents on the Coastal mountain range, amidst forests with a great diversity of trees in the El Montnegre i el Corredor park. This connects the coastal area of El Maresme and the depression of El Vallès.

This route does not start at Santa Susanna - Montnegre MTB Centre but at the railway station, due to public transport connections.

First ride through some of the town of Santa Susanna and head west until you come to the first uphill climbs to the edge of the Pre-coastal mountain range and El Montnegre i El Corredor natural park.

After crossing over the motorway, descend along one side before riding suddenly back uphill towards Sant Martí de Montnegre. This part runs through thick pine forests, typical of the Mediterranean. As you reach the shadier areas of the El Vallès slope, you will see a wide range of species of trees and a much more extensive habitat.

The route continues to climb and descend until Collsacreu residential area, where you cross the C-61 road that runs from Arenys de Mar to Vallgorguina.

From here, climb back uphill towards the shrine of El Corredor and, shortly afterwards, on a descent, around a recreational area and along flat parts and descents until you reach the A-7 motorway in the area of Llinars del Vallès. Continue for another couple of kilometres along the side of the motorway until you reach the roundabout connecting the roads leading to Llinars del Vallès, where you cross over the C-35 road and the high-speed railway line. Between the railway line and the motorway, take a dirt trail that runs parallel for around one kilometres until you come to a tunnel under the motorway that enables you to cross it. Once on the other side, continue between the motorway and Mogent river on your right for one and a half kilometres, until the point where the river hides under the motorway and, without major difficulties, you can cross it and ride through the trails and streets to the centre of Cardedeu and its Town Hall, which marks the end of the stage.

  • Classification of the route: Nature, Turismo activo
  • Means of transport: Mountain biking
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners, Experienced
  • Circuit distance: 56 km
  • Length of stay: 6 h
  • Uphill (m): 2719
  • Downhill: 2527
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Tourist offices: Santa Susanna
  • Province: Barcelona
  • Region: Maresme, Vallès Oriental
  • Places of interest: Parque del Montnegre i el Corredor
  • GSM coverage: Parcial
  • Advice: The range of accommodation on this section is scarce. So as not to wander too far from the route, we recommend sleeping in Cardedeu.
Transcatalunya: Santa Susanna – Cardedeu
  • Transcatalunya: Santa Susanna – Cardedeu

  • Costa Barcelona

  • Transcatalunya: Santa Susanna – Cardedeu
  • Transcatalunya: Santa Susanna – Cardedeu

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