Transcatalunya: Prats de Lluçanès– Vic

A section of the long TransCatalonia route that starts in Prats de Lluçanès, where the El Lluçanès MTB Centre is located, and ends in Vic, where the Plana de Vic MTB Centre is located.

A section of the long-distance Transcatalunya route. Start from El Lluçanès MTB Centre reception point in Prats de Lluçanès along the street that crosses the centre until it comes to the turn-off for the road (BP-4653) to Olost. Turn left onto the road and, before kilometre four, turn right onto a trail that is not very visible and that heads for the farm before entering the village of Santa Creu de Jutglar.

In the village, take the flat road towards La Gavarresa reservoir. After passing the reservoir, you will come to some large farms and country houses set among cropland and the odd forest, and you carry straight on until you come to Olost. Cross the village and head for the football pitch, and then take the path alongside it that leads to Campa. This section is quite flat, with no major slopes, and can be covered quickly until you reach the Sant Bartomeu del Grau road where you turn right.

After around four kilometres and on the other side of Sant Bartomeu, start your descent towards Vic, being careful to take the turn-off to Sant Julià de Sassorba along the dirt trail, whih is very busy with traffic and includes a steep slope at the start.

You then descent alongside Sant Julià torrent until you come to Vic highway (C-25), which you cannot take. Take the trail on your left, which includes some paved sections. After around two kilometres you will come to a junction, where you turn right to go straight to Vic. Then, to your left, you will come to the Canonge Collell hostel, home to La Plana de Vic MTB Centre and the end of the stage.

  • Classification of the route: Nature, Turismo activo
  • Means of transport: Mountain biking
  • Level of difficulty: Experienced
  • Circuit distance: 33
  • Length of stay: 3h
  • Uphill (m): 300
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Province: Barcelona
  • Region: Osona
  • Places of interest: Prats de Lluçanès, Olost castle, Perot Rocaguinarda Space, Olost, Vic.
  • Signs: No
  • GSM coverage: Parcial
Transcatalunya: Prats de Lluçanès– Vic
  • Transcatalunya: Prats de Lluçanès– Vic

  • Paisatges Barcelona

  • Transcatalunya: Prats de Lluçanès– Vic
  • Transcatalunya: Prats de Lluçanès– Vic

  • Paisatges Barcelona

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