Transcatalunya: La Pobla de Segur – Sort

A stage with a steep slope at the start that avoids the road (N260) and takes you to Montcortés lake before continuing to descent towards Gerri de la Sal, following the Noguera Pallaresa river to the town of Sort.

Leave Pallars Jussà MTB Centre in La Pobla de Segur leisure centre along the town's streets until you come to the old Senterada road (L522), which is relatively quiet. After passing Erinyà gorge, take the new road north for around one kilometre before turning off to Reguard and Lluçà. This section is the same as black route number 9 of the Pallars Jussà MTB Centre at the start.

After a few metres, leave the road and take the trail on your right towards Reguard, as if you were returning to La Pobla, and gradually start climbing. Over the first few parts, pay attention to the trucks leaving the nearby quarry. After leaving the turn-off to Reguard to your left, follow the main trail (which is in good condition) until an almost 180º turn and very good views of La Pobla de Segur and Sant Antoni Reservoir.

From here on, the trail becomes steeper and some parts pass through shaded, damp areas until you reach La Corba de les Gordoleres, where you will find the Montsor trail, once again with fantastic views. Continue up the Montsor trail until you have crossed Peracalç sierra, the highest point of the stage and from where you begin your descent to Montcortès lake. Warning! Steep descent and some parts with loose stones. You will come to secondary trails that you pass to continue along the main trail. This is a descent to enjoy the views and the chance to see different types of scavenger birds, including the bearded vulture, in serious danger of extinction. In view of this, you must be responsible for your actions and respect the environment.

After visiting the lake, take the Canals trail over flat land and a slight downhill slope in good condition. Without reaching Canals, follow the trail to Cortscastell and, once past it, you will reach the Montcortes to La Poblet de Bellveí road. After a few metres take the tarmacked trail on your right to Pujol.

After passing the village, you will come to some steep slopes and the winding road up a steep hill. Be careful with the gravel on the trail that could make it slippery. At the end of the trail, take the La Pobla de Segur to Sort road (N260) on the left for around 3 kilometres. Be very careful with the traffic.

You will come to a tunnel that you pass on the outside along the old road. Shortly after the Baén bridge across the Noguera Pallaresa river, take the paths and trails alongside the road towards Gerri de la Sal or Sort. The path to the hermitage of Santa Maria de Gerri, only a stone's throw from Gerri de la Sal, is flat and good for bikes. Once you have passed the hermitage and the bridge leading to the village, it becomes quite a narrow uphill trail to the hermitage of La Mare de Déu d'Arboló. Be careful because in some places the river has eroded the banks, leaving the trail exposed, and you could easily fall. From here there are some good views of the salt lakes and the village of Gerri.

Once past the hermitage, the trail descends to the wooden Arboló bridge that you leave behind you on your left to follow the path from Arcalís to Arboló along the same bank of the river. The trail is still narrow, with constant ups and downs but no steep slopes, but some tricky points.

After enjoying this old path near the river you will come to the trail into Arcalís on your right, and the Baró bridge on your left. Cross the bridge and take the road (N260) heading north to Sort for around 5 kilometres, until you reach the Hostal Nou bridge. On your left just after the bridge, cross the street and take the path leading to the bridge over the river on the Port Cantó (N260) road in Sort and the end of the stage.

If, instead of crossing the Hostal Nou bridge you continue along the road for around 2 kilometres, you will come to Sort.

  • Classification of the route: Nature, Turismo activo
  • Means of transport: Mountain biking
  • Level of difficulty: Experienced
  • Circuit distance: 58 km
  • Length of stay: 6 h
  • Uphill (m): 1996
  • Downhill: 1829
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Tourist offices: Sort, La Pobla de Segur
  • Province: Lleida
  • Region: Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà
  • Places of interest: Pantano de Sant Antoni, desfiladero de Erinyà, estanque de Montcortès, Santa Maria de Gerri, Mare de Déu d'Arboló, Pont de l'Hostal Nou
  • GSM coverage: Parcial
  • Advice: Where to sleep: As well as the range available in the town of Sort, you can also find campsites and refuges in the town of Baró, near the end of the stage.
Transcatalunya: La Pobla de Segur – Sort
  • Transcatalunya: La Pobla de Segur – Sort

  • Pyrenees

  • Transcatalunya: La Pobla de Segur – Sort
  • Transcatalunya: La Pobla de Segur – Sort

  • Pyrenees

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