Touching the sky. From Montserrat to La Pedrera

Маршруты по памятникам искусства и культуры
Reach the clouds at the ageold monastery on the incredible mountain of Montserrat. Or under the moonlight back in Barcelona, on the roof of La Pedrera. Afterwards, travel through the roots of a village that saw its history change in 1714. Unforgettable. 

Visit the ancient abbey
Start the day in the holiest part of Catalonia. Park the car and catch the Aeri up to Montserrat abbey in a truly spectacular climb. Once there you'll take a virtual tour of its interior to see how the Benedictine community lives, whilst a Larsa Montserrat guide takes you through the history of this ancient abbey which plays host to Europe's oldest children's conservatory. Visit the basílica and the patron saint of Catalonia, la Moreneta, a 12th century Romanesque figure.

Journey through the Parc Natural de Montserrat
If you're a fan of nature, it's an absolute must. Catch the Sant Joan funicular up to Pla de les Taràntules where you'll see, at a height of 1,000 metres, a landscape full of intriguing shapes; the main attractions include las rocas del Elefante 'the Elephant rocks', la Momia 'The Mummy' and la Panza del Obispo 'the Bishop's Belly'. In another activity accompanied by a guide from Larsa Montserrat, you can take the two-hour route - not recommended for children under the age of eight - through the Santa Maria brook and the Santa Anna chapel to get to know the mountain's unique geology, as well as the flora and fauna to which it plays host. Magnificent.

The War of Spanish Succession
In commemoration of the tricentennial of 1714, when Catalonia succumbed to the Bourbon troops, Icono Serveis offers an eight-hour route leaving from Sant Boi, the place where the Commander in Chief of Barcelona, Rafael Casanova, took refuge after being injured as his city fell on 11th September. After an exhibition describing his role and other points of interest, you'll visit the Sant Baldiri churches where his grave can be found. From there, it's on to Barcelona and El Born, where a section of the city walls that resisted the siege still remains.

La Pedrera, beneath the stars
To round off the day, let the magic of the night take hold with a moonlight visit to La Pedrera. Discover each corner of this Gaudí gem and World Heritage Site as part of a guided tour for small groups in which you'll learn everything about its first tenants from precisely one hundred years ago. See how La Pedrera comes to life at night with various projections in several areas as well as projection mapping on the roof. Take advantage of the unique architecture and journey into the heart of the incredible architect's work with thought-provoking images, some background music and a glass of cava in your hand. Braille guides, audio guides and touch models are available.

  • Категория маршрута: Архитектура, История, Модернизм, Музыка, Маршрут с посещением культурных достопримечательностей
  • Средство передвижения: Для пеших прогулок, На автомобиле и пешком
  • Уровень сложности: Для новичков
  • Сроки: 1 day
  • Период посещений: Круглый год
  • Администратор маршрута: Oficina de Turisme de Catalunya a Barcelona
  • Туристические офисы: Oficina de Turismo de Montserrat, Ayuntamiento de Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona Turismo
  • Провинция: Барселона
  • Муниципальный округ: Бажес, Байш-Льобрегат, Барселонес
  • Точки интереса: Monistrol de Montserrat, Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona.
Touching the sky. From Montserrat to La Pedrera
  • Touching the sky. From Montserrat to La Pedrera

  • Адрес:Бульвар de Gràcia , 105

  • 08008 Barcelona

  • Barcelona / Барселона

  • Touching the sky. From Montserrat to La Pedrera
  • Touching the sky. From Montserrat to La Pedrera

  • Адрес: Бульвар de Gràcia , 105

  • 08008 Barcelona

  • Barcelona / Барселона

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