Terra Alta: Land of wines and trenches

Touristische Angebote, Gastronomie und Wein
Wines and wineries with body and soul, in places of the Battle of the Ebre

Price from 125,00 EUR
Terra Alta is an open and shut while surly and welcoming space, land of immemorial mix of cultures and traditions rooted in every village, hard as stone chip sun and soft as the wind Garbí rotating every evening, a land beguiling. Passion and love, behavior and outburst, silence and sounds are words that come to define these places. The route will speak a lot of passion; personal and collective passion, present, past and future.

A break of two days, to discover small wineries that are leading firsthand the resurgence of Terra Alta, positioning the wines of this historic DO, as one of those with more projection and future in our country.

And all this is staged, some of the most significant sites of the Battle of the Ebre, a battle that determined the final course of a war between brothers, which never should have been

The package includes:

  • 1 night accomodation in a double room with breakfast at 2* Hotel Nou Moderno

  • Visit to the exhibition Museum The Trinxera

  • Visit and tasting at the winery Xavier Clua

  • Visit and tasting at the winery Bernaví

  • Dinner with wines of Terra Alta

  • Guided tour of the Vila Closa de Batea

  • Visit and tasting at the winery La Fou

  • Basic trip insurance. (Check out the general and particular terms and conditions here)

The package does not include:

  • Transportation.

  • Tourist tax to pay directly to the hotel please.

Sights and excursions descriptions:

  • Museum and exhibition The Trench: It is a permanent exhibition of material used during the Civil War at the Battle of the Ebre. The exhibits are the result of many years of patient research in the same places where the battle took place. Despite being a private collection, it has the most extensive documentary and museum background, gathered around this historic episode.

  • Bodega Xavier Clua: For four generations, the name Clua has been linked to the work of the vineyard and wine production. The latest generation, led by Xavier Clua, combines the experience of this winemaking tradition with university education provided by the introduction of new techniques and methods of work of the vineyard and winemaking products.

    The effort deposited in the production of wines by the Clua family-Domenech has allowed its spread worldwide. The staff and their careful treatment given to wines from Bodega Xavier Clua also transmitted to their customers, converted into true friends and comrades of this winemaking adventure.

  • Bodega Bernaví: Bernaví stems from the concern of three technicians and passionate young vineyard and wine: Marco Bernava, Gino Bernava and Ruth Fullat Sisteré. In 2007 they decided to give life to the Italian-Catalan project in the Tarragona region of Terra Alta, clearly betting on a personal and family nature. From here the restructuring and recovery of the vineyards and the construction of the new warehouse was completed in 2011.

    In this corner of Catalonia, Bernaví decided to seek synergies between earth, climate, varieties and agronomic and oenological to characterize the technical quality of its products. The climate of the area also allows a production with total respect for the environment.

  • Bodega La Fou: Tradition, authenticity and local character. Ventured into an experience 100% Terra Alta.

    Live a unique experience, knowing the origins of a people and a land that have always been marked by a culture, agriculture. Be enchanted by one of the best preserved of the Ebre old towns, and the stories hidden, where wine has always had something to say.

    The portals of the Vila Closa de Batea open so you can relive the day of the Templars and Hospitallers. And doors Can Figueres, a manor house of the eighteenth century in the Square of the town, and home to La fou Winery.

    A La fou seeks to find the essence of the Terra Alta through garnacha, and aiming at the peak of their wines through manufacturing processes that best express the depth, identity and expression of the territory.

Accomodations description:

  • 2* Hotel Nou Moderno: The ideal place to finish the day. With its comfortable rooms and a dinner with products of proximity, in which you will have the chance to test unique wines. The three friends and stars of the day, Xavier (Bodega Clua), Marco (Bodega Bernaví) and Jose Maria (New Modern), these two wines produced with the most authentic varieties and all its know-how, so that exclusively offers.

    Heir to a long tradition of Bar-Restaurant Moderno in the same town, the Nou Moderno holds out the prospect of opening the jar of essences of Terra Alta to all visitors. Three generations are dedicated to host those who want to enjoy the products and the environment of this dry land but also grateful, as the people.

    Nou Moderno is a place of rest and quiet, and a starting point of many activities that can develop in the unspoiled environment around us.

Price per person. Minimum 2 people.

  • Veranstalter: Viemocions (Sapienstravel, SL)
  • Preis: 125
Nimmt teil an: Weintourismus in Katalonien
Nimmt teil an: Weintourismus in Katalonien
Nimmt teil an: Weintourismus in Katalonien
Nimmt teil an: Weintourismus in Katalonien
Terra Alta: Land of wines and trenches
  • Terra Alta: Land of wines and trenches

  • Adresse:Zone ., .

  • Vilalba dels Arcs

  • Tarragona / Terres de l'Ebre

  • Terra Alta: Land of wines and trenches
  • Terra Alta: Land of wines and trenches

  • Adresse: Zone ., .

  • Vilalba dels Arcs

  • Tarragona / Terres de l'Ebre

  • Telefon:934 877 626

  • Handy:673 279 235

  • E-Mail:info@viemocions.com

  • Web:http://www.viemocions.com

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