Santa Coloma de Farners

Guide to the Municipalities
The capital of la Selva is located in a green area full of thick forests, between Montseny and las Guilleries. The waters of the municipality have many medicinal properties, a fact that has led to the construction of several thermal spas.

Santa Coloma de Farners offers this heritage by means of an itinerary that includes the spa and its springs and which, along with the route of the ten chapels, is one of the foundations of its attraction for tourists.

The city is also well known for being the birthplace of Salvador Espriu, one of Catalonia's most famous contemporary poets.

The essentials

- Walk through the park of Sant Salvador in the castle of Farners.
- Visit the bell tower of the church of Santa Coloma.
- Go to the church of the monastery of Sant Pere de Cercada.


  • Region: Selva
  • Province: Girona
  • Location: Can Malladó, Castanyet, Veïnat d'Avall, el, Sant Miquel de Cladells, Sant Pere Cercada, Santa Coloma de Farners, Santa Coloma Residencial, Vallors
  • Size: 71
  • Inhabitants: 10565

Economic activity

The main crops are cereals and legumes, with regard to dry farming, and vegetables, potatoes and fruit trees, with regard to irrigated farming. In addition to cattle and pig raising, there is also poultry farming and beekeeping. Although there is little industry, there are small wood-processing companies, a textiles industry, tile factories, metallurgy workshops and companies that make food products, the most typical of which are the biscuits named teules de Santa Coloma. A well-known spa, Termes Orion, has boosted the summer holiday activities in the municipality.

Santa Coloma de Farners
  • Santa Coloma de Farners

  • Santa Coloma de Farners
  • Santa Coloma de Farners

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