Sant Pau de Segúries – Olot

Despite taking little over four hours, the path between Sant Pau de Segúries and Olot is not overly difficult. Once there, you can visit the Information Office or the bus station.

0 Km (860 m) From the La Generalitat square in Sant Pau de Segúries, take the El Mariner avenue to head SE. Pass the Els Roures campsite and the old rectory of Sant Pau, now a summer camp, crossing the Capsacosta road alongside the cemetery. Take the thematic, interpretative trail that follows the Roman road connecting what are now the districts of La Garrotxa and El Ripollès. The cobbling on this road, laid so that carts could be used on it, remains in place on most of the path and shows what had been the main route. You will come across detours from time to time, which were the old short-cuts that walkers formed and that are still preserved. We suggest you follow the path marked as the main path, although the detours are also marked. You pass the mountain (2.30 Km, 772 m) before descending.

4.40 Km (742 m) 0 h 52 min. Cross the road, following the Roman road. After 1 and a half Km, you will pass an electric fence and continue along the Roman road, now combined with all types of other paths.

6.90 Km (459 m) 1 h 20 min. On reaching Can Climent, first turn left and then right, down a path that becomes a trail and crosses the torrent.

7.50 Km (435 m) 1 h 30 min. You will come to an asphalt trail, where you turn right. After 8 minutes, cross a stream over the stones.

8.20 Km (412 m) 1 h 38 min. The Roman road ends and runs onto the old El Ripollès road. Turn left here to continue to the current road with the Capsacosta tunnels. Be careful when crossing this road. Then continue straight on along an asphalt trail until you reach Sant Martí del Clot.

8.70 Km (424 m) 1 h 48 min. Half-way up the slope, take the trail that is not tarmacked on your right to cross a torrent before forking right after 250 m.

9.50 Km (428 m) 2 h 04 min. On a left-hand bend, take the path on the right and, after 100 m, turn left.

10.40 Km (381 m) 2 h 19 min. Take the turnoff on your left.

10.70 Km (377 m) 2 h 20 min. Be careful at this point! Leave the trail before an electricity post to take a relatively unsignposted path on your left. Turn right on the first asphalt trail and then turn left onto the path after 200 m.

11.20 Km (373 m) 2 h 30 min. After a steep slope, take the path on your right.

12.20 Km (370 m) 2 h 42 min. Once again, take an asphalt trail - this time downhill.

13.30 Km (366 m) 2 h 55 min. You will now come back to the road where the pharmaceutical laboratories are located. Continue alongside the road on the left, without crossing it. You will pass a corner shop that is open every day. Cross the road in front of the Nou de Bianya hostel. Pass the fountain in the square and carry straight on along a road that soon becomes an asphalt trail, leaving the detour to the Romanesque hermitage of Santa Margarida de Bianya to your right, which is well worth a visit. Carry straight on to the Mas Colomer country house.

14.10 Km (389 m) 3 h 05 min. Warning! Once you have passed Mas Colomer, leave the trail and continue to the left, opening a fence that enables you to take a small trail that is difficult to see and that runs behind the country house. Later on the trail leads into an oak and hazelnut forest.

15.20 Km (455 m) 3 h 18 min. The trail leads to a path on the left and, after two minutes, take the path on the left to Castell del Coll. A few minutes later, leave the downhill path on your left and continue straight on to cross a fence. The path becomes a small trail that is relatively unsignposted and somewhat difficult terrain.

16.44 Km (549 m) 3 h 33 min. At the top of the small trail, cross a fence to enter a field that you will go around to the left. Behind you is a lovely view of the Pyrenees and to your right Castell del Coll. The descent begins and you will then take a closed bend to your left and leave the main path. After 20 m, take a small, steep downhill trail on the right.

16.90 Km (486 m) 3 h 43 min. View of the Riudaura valley, on which houses are soon to be built, and the Puigsacalm massif. Pass behind a country house and, after 2 min, cross the Sentigosa road and continue left. After 10 m, take a right along a path that is closed with a chain. Descend another 10 m and turn left onto a small trail that leads to a path. To your left is the Turó de les Coromines mountain. Take this path to the right, going around the left-hand side of a field.

17.40 Km (433 m) 3 h 53 min. Leave the path to turn right between two fields along a relatively unused path heading S until you come to a trail that you follow to your left. Cross the river and, after a brief descent, continue to your left.

18.10 Km (421 m) 4 h 02 min. Arrival in Olot. Take the street known as Carrer Estadi on your right, alongside the football pitch. At the end of the street, turn left towards a petrol station and a roundabout. Turn right before the roundabout and take the road to Sant Joan de les Abadesses, which has industrial units on both sides. The street becomes Avinguda dels Reis Catòlics avenue. Two streets after the La Cerámica bridge, turn left onto Carrer Pare Manuel Roca, which leads to Josep Clarà square, which is the entrance to the centre of Olot and the starting point of tomorrow's route. From here, continue along Carrer Mulleres, and you can turn left along Carrer del Hospici, where the tourism office is located. You can also carry straight on along Carrer del Bisbe Lorenzana to the bus station (Km 19.70, 4 h 53 min).

  • Classification of the route: Gothic and Romanesque, Nature
  • Means of transport: On foot
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners
  • Circuit distance: 19,5 km
  • Length of stay: 4 h 30 min
  • Uphill (m): 940
  • Downhill: 520
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Tourist offices: Olot
  • Province: Girona
  • Region: Garrotxa, Ripollès
  • Places of interest: Ermita de Santa Margarida de Bianya, Puigsacalm
  • Signs: 
  • Advice: Se recomienda llevar calzado cómodo.
Sant Pau de Segúries – Olot
  • Sant Pau de Segúries – Olot

  • Pyrenees

  • Sant Pau de Segúries – Olot
  • Sant Pau de Segúries – Olot

  • Pyrenees

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