Sant Hilari Sacalm

Guide to the Municipalities

Sant Hilari de Sacalm, the town of the one hundred fountains, is known for its hydric resources: its waters supply some of the most prestigious brands of mineral water, attracted by its medicinal properties. These springs are precisely the destination of many of the nature trails that traverse the region, and which are an unmissable attraction.

Among its secret caves and granite mountains the famous bandit Serrallonga took refuge, with the town dedicating the Serrallonga is back! festival to him every September and dressing itself in Baroque and bandit style. Also important is the Living Via Crucis, a tradition more than 300 years old and which has been declared of National Tourist Interest.

The essentials

- Visit the Serrallonga Country House.

- Visit the Museo de les Guilleries.

- Attend the living via crucis.

- Drink water at taberna de la Agua.

- Go to the castle of Vilavecchia.

- Follow the route of the chapels.


  • Region: Selva
  • Province: Girona
  • Location: Sant Hilari Sacalm
  • Size: 84
  • Inhabitants: 5753

Economic activity

The municipal district is covered by forests of holm oak, beech and chestnut trees, which are still exploited. Cereals and potatoes are mostly grown in the plains of Las Arenes. Pig raising also contributes to the economy. The main industry is turnery, which produces tourist souvenirs. There is also the wood and cork industry. Furthermore, thanks to the municipality’s many springs, it is known for mineral water bottling (Font Vella, Font d’Or and Font del Pic). The services sector and tourism are important.

Sant Hilari Sacalm
  • Sant Hilari Sacalm

  • Sant Hilari Sacalm
  • Sant Hilari Sacalm

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