Sa Boadella

Beaches, Nudist
A beach located on the outskirts of the urban centre of Lloret de Mar. It is surrounded by vegetation and has showers, a rescue service and beach bar. Nudism is generally practised in the area.

The Sa Boadella beach, surrounded by vegetation, has a wild appearance, having no buildings around it with the exception of a beautiful mansion that dominates the gardens of Santa Clotilde.

It can be found on the outskirts of the town of Lloret de Mar. It is accessible through a well marked path, passing through a thick pine forest.

It is divided in two by a large rock which is right on the shore. It is 230 metres long and has coarse grain sand. The entry slope into the sea is fairly steep, with a sandy seabed. It has showers, rescue services and a beach bar. On the right hand side of this beach nudity is usually practiced.

The left hand side is delimited by a small cliff on which we find the beautiful gardens of Santa Clotilde. They were designed in 1919 by Nicolau Rubió i Tudurí, following the master guidelines of the Italian Renaissance. Its location, at the edge of the cliff, offers spectacular views over the sea.

At the bottom of the gardens, between Illa des Bot and the point of En Sureda, there is a very rocky area, with several islets, which is very interesting for divers.

  • Swimming conditions: Good
  • Length: 189
  • Width: 25
  • Type of sand : Very thick
  • Surf : Moderate surf
  • Blue Flag quality certificate: S
  • How to get there: By car on the GI-682 road (Blanes-Lloret). By local bus.



Red Cross


Means of transport

Kiosk-Thermal spa

Sa Boadella
  • Sa Boadella

  • Address:Area Ermita de Santa Cristina, s/n

  • 17310 Lloret de Mar

  • Girona / Costa Brava

  • Sa Boadella
  • Sa Boadella

  • Address: Area Ermita de Santa Cristina, s/n

  • 17310 Lloret de Mar

  • Girona / Costa Brava

  • Telephone:972 365 788


  • Web:

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