Three-day getaways

Three days off. Having days available to you is, undoubtedly, great news. When you take a three-day getaway in Catalonia, you won't want to go back to work. There are trips through high mountain hidden valleys allowing you to plunge into the bowels of the earth that maintains the aroma of a rural past. Or take radically different tours, by seashores, to enjoy beautiful beaches and a delicious fish-based gastronomy. And do you know what the best of this all is? In Catalonia the distances are short and very different proposals can be put together and combined.

Three days goes a long way. Come and see for yourself!
Grand Tour de Catalunya
Grand Tour de Catalunya
Ecotourism, experiences to connect with nature
Ecotourism, experiences to connect with nature
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Routes and getaways
Routes and getaways
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In Catalonia the distances are short and very different proposals can be put together and combined by making a three-day getaway.

Featured three-day getaways
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Reunion of Pyrenean Accordionists. Pueblo Arséguel, Sierra del Cadí (© Marc Castellet Puig)
Gaudí and Picasso amongst the mountains. Art and history in the forests
Given that artists such as Gaudí and Picasso were enamoured by these beautiful lands, we know that we are in the presence of a place that is as alive as it is charming, covered in art and revealing historical footprints.   
View of the town on the basalt cliff.  (© José Luis Rodríguez)
Inspiring settings. From the Roman to the Industrial
From the Museu Episcopal in Vic, to the castle of Montesquiu, passing through the Museu del Ter, in Manlleu, or the medieval town of Besalú. On this getaway, where history and art become one, we journey through incredible cities and small villages surrounded by mountains. Are we off?
Encús Castle. High mountain vineyards. (© Marc Castellet)
From the fields to the table. Culinary tradition with a DO certification
Lleida plays host to extraordinary artisan produce. Don't leave without trying the PDO Les Garrigues extra virgin olive oil, the DO Costers del Segre wine or the Agramunt nougat with its PGI 'Protected Geographical Indication' certification. You'd never forgive yourself. 
Cal Riera textile colony.  (© Turismo Verde S.L.)
The footprints of industrialisation. A job, a life
From the countryside to the factory. Each job denotes a different life, a unique memory, a past no longer present, but one worth visiting. On this route, we'll discover the lives of those who made cloths, oil, wine, agricultural machinery and so on. Fancy coming with us? 
Romanesque church (© José Luis Rodríguez)
A journey through time. From the Romanesque to Modernism
Archaeological sites, great painters, Renaissance and Modernism houses, as well as Industrial Revolution museums. The west of Barcelona is home to some of the region's finest historical and artistic memories.
Wing of the cloister of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Vallbona.    (© Imagen M.A.S.)
Romans, monasteries and Gaudí. An incredible route through history and art
From the history of Roman Tarragona, to the genius that is modernist architecture and the jewels of the Cistercian Route, this three-day trip will immerse you in a thrilling and cultural journey through time.