Six-day getaways

There are lots of interesting things to do, see and sample in Catalonia, so a six-day getaway can be a very good option serving as an appetiser to whet one's attempt to sample this variety. By starting, for example, discovering the charm of the fishing villages and combining same with Catalan cuisine or with a wine tourism experience. Indeed if you wish to be surrounded by nature, head towards the Catalan Pyrenees, stop in its charming villages and cap it off with outdoor activities so as to get that adrenaline racing. In any of the six-day tours there is also room for culture, which flourishes in every corner of the territory.

Come on now, what do you want to do from day one?
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Revista #CatalunyaExperience Nª2
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Routes and getaways
Routes and getaways
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There are lots of interesting things to do, see and sample in Catalonia, so a six-day getaway can be a very good option serving as an appetiser to whet one's attempt in discovering this variety

Featured six-day getaways
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Houses next to the Onyar river and Girona cathedral  (© Servicios Editorials Georama)
Live and discover the Costa Brava. Culture and tradition in the most beautiful of settings
We'll travel through one of Catalonia's richest lands: wild coast, lush hilltops, Dalí, as well as Iberian, Roman and Medieval villages... Live it all in a unique and unforgettable experience. We're starting up the car. Are you coming with us?
Passeig dels Anglesos. (© Kris Ubach)
From the Mediterranean to Montseny. A world of contrasts
Get ready for beautiful natural spots exuding the aroma of sea and mountains. Places that inspire the most unique experiences, do it all following in the footsteps of its rich industrial past and modernist treasures.
Main square and town hall in Vic  (© Servicios Editorials Georama)
The soul of Catalonia. Urban and rural landscapes
Have a go at some water sports in Vall de Núria, sample some artisan sausage, see the works of Salvador Dalí in the flesh, or take a balloon ride over the Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa. Live it and feel it first-hand, the only way to understand this fine land. Time to start?
Medieval village  (© Servicios Editoriales Georama)
The heart of the Pyrenees. Calming landscapes, adventurous moments
The Pyrenees adapt to whomever visits: relaxation for someone who's looking to unwind, as well as all types of activities for families, adventurers and sports fans. All in the surroundings of spectacular landscapes. Which route do you fancy? 
Trip along the Ebro river through Miravet. (© Mariano Cebolla)
The southern lands. Discovering another world
The personality of Les Terres de l'Ebre truly displays the special uniqueness, purity and beauty of the landscape upon which it stands. With Picasso in its memory, the sharpened profile of the Delta, as well as the incredible wine and oil on the table - experiencing these places will take you to another world, a world as real as the one you imagine. 
Wall of the locality  (© Miguel Raurich)
El Camp de Tarragona and El Priorat. Culture, good food and adventure, right by the Costa Daurada
Beyond the splendid beaches we can enjoy Roman Tarragona and the incredible Cistercian monasteries. Or the rich gastronomy of a land full of vines and olive trees. And there's no shortage of experiences for sport and adventure enthusiasts. Ready to go?