Púbol castle

This is the castle that Salvador Dalí bought for his muse Gala. The base is an 11th century fort which has undergone several refurbishments and additions over the centuries. The inside of the castle was decorated by Dalí himself and one of the highlights is Gala’s mausoleum.

In 1969, the brilliant Emporda painter, Salvador Dalí, promised it to his muse Gala who would make it into a castle keep. After considering the other fortifications in the region, Púbol castle was chosen and this is where Gala´s remains are kept. The castle plays a big part in giving glimpses of the private life of the artist and today forms part of the museum route included as part of the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation.

The base of the castle is a fortification dating from the 11th century that has undergone numerous renovations and incorporations over the centuries. It represents a noteworthy synthesis of Gothic and Renaissance elements, which are especially visible in the three levels of the current nave and the tall and slender central patio. But it is without a doubt the inside of the castle that holds the most suprises for the visitor. Charged with personally coordinating the restoration of the building once he had acquired it, Salvador Dalí personalised the internal decor, significantly converting the rooms and other spaces of the castle into a work of art following his distinctive surrealist style.

Amongst such pieces one must note the sculptures of long-legged elephants in the garden (a recurring visual theme in the works of the painter) the busts of Wagner that decorate the swimming pool and Gala’s mausoleum - a real work of art.

  • Architectural style: Medieval
  • Year of construction: segle XI
  • People: Dalí
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French
  • Ownership: Private
  • Opening hours - summer : Please check the website for opening times.
  • Opening hours - winter: Please check the website for opening times.

Disabled access

Accessible area classifi
Facilities available for wheelchair users
Facilities available for people with reduced mobility
No facilities available for the deaf or those with hearing impairments
No facilities available for the blind or visually impaired
Accessible resource amen
Main access, without height difference
Good natural and artificial lighting within the facility
Accessible WCs in communal parts of the building
Written signs and diagrams indicating the different rooms within the building
Alternative entrance for wheelchair users. Request information
Due to slope, no access to: A la cripta i a les golfes (vestis de Gala)
Types of inspection
Púbol castle
  • Púbol castle

  • Address:Square Gala Dalí, s/n

  • 17120 Pera, la

  • Girona / Costa Brava

  • Púbol castle
  • Púbol castle

  • Address: Square Gala Dalí, s/n

  • 17120 Pera, la

  • Girona / Costa Brava

  • Telephone:972 488 655

  • E-mail:pubol@fundaciodali.org

  • Web:http://www.salvador-dali.org

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