Port de les Cases d'Alcanar

The Cases d’Alcanar marina and fishing port is the most southerly on the Catalan coast. The Cases d’Alcanar Boat Club runs the marina, which has 156 moorings, crane, dry dock, ramp and a boat maintenance and repair service. There is a sailing school and a bar-restaurant.

Cases d'Alcanar is the southernmost marina on the Catalan coast, adjoining the regions of Valencia and not far from the wide open plains of the Ebro delta.

The marina dock has 156 berths for boats up to 12 metres long and with all the usual services, such as fuel supply, 10-ton crane, slipway, repair and maintenance service, refuse and oil collection service, etc. There are usually berths available for visiting boats, and the transit dock can accommodate vessels up to 30 metres long.

The marina is run by the Club Nàutic de les Cases d'Alcanar yacht club, with a wide range of facilities for members. It has a clubhouse, a bar and restaurant and a sailing school, among other amenities.

There is also a sports fishing section which organises a variety of activities, such as excursions and different types of fishing competitions.

The small town of les Cases d'Alcanar grew up in the mid 19th century around the fishing and goods harbour, which is today also the site of the marina.

There are shops, yachting workshops, service companies, entertainment venues and restaurants near the seafront promenade in the town.

Good landmarks for locating the harbour by sea are the large tanks at the cement plant, 1.5 miles to the northeast.

  • Ownership: Public
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish


Access for disabled people




Drinking water

Yacht club



Sailing school

First-aid kit




Dock crane

Weather information


Waiting dock


Oil collection

Rubbish collection


Sale of boats

Port de les Cases d'Alcanar
  • Port de les Cases d'Alcanar

  • Address:Port Zona de Concessió, s/n

  • 43569 Alcanar

  • Tarragona / Terres de l'Ebre

  • Port de les Cases d'Alcanar
  • Port de les Cases d'Alcanar

  • Address: Port Zona de Concessió, s/n

  • 43569 Alcanar

  • Tarragona / Terres de l'Ebre

  • Telephone:977 735 001

  • Fax:977 735 001

  • E-mail:cncalcanar@hotmail.com

  • Web:http://www.cncaportlescases.com

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