Pals – Torroella de Montgrí

Short, relatively easy circuit. Leaving La Bisbal d’Empordà, Cruïlles and Corçà behind, you will reach the Girona-Torroella road from where you must follow the Daró river that soon crosses the Ter river. Not far now to Torroella de Montgrí.

187.10 Km (6 m) Pals. From the end of the last stage, carry on along Carrer Hospital. There is a signpost to the left that you follow towards Sant Feliu de Boada. Continue along this road, which takes the same route as the GR 92 footpath. On the right is a turn-off where a dirt trail begins. The GR footpath continues this way, but you carry straight on along the tarmacked road towards Sant Feliu de Boada.

189.10 Km (22 m) Small road. There is a signpost on the right that you follow towards Sant Julià de Boada-Torroella.

189.50 Km (22 m) You are now at the road that leads to Torroella and Peratallada. Cross it and enter the small village of Sant Julià de Boada, home to the pre-Romanesque church of Sant Julià. Carry straight on along the path and, after a few metres, a signpost will indicate Fontclara-Torroella. Carry straight on in this direction and do not leave this path until you reach Fontclara.

190.60 Km (12 m) You are now in Fontclara. Take a tarmacked path where the path you are on ends. Take the path on the right towards Palau-sator and Peratallada.

191.70 Km (18 m) You are now in Palau-sator. Continue to follow the road to the left towards Peratallada-La Bisbal. Carry on along Carrer Extramurs until El Pla de la Mota and Plaça de la Font square. You will come to the church where you take the path on the right to leave the village. The road bends to the left. On the right, across a small torrent, there is a fork in the path. Take the one on the left, following the GR footpath markings. Continue along this path until you reach the road.

193.70 Km (30 m) Cross the road when you reach it. You are now in Peratallada. Enter the town by carrying straight on until you reach a torrent. Cross it over the first bridge to enter the old city and Plaça de les Voltes square. Cross the square and walk up the street to your left, underneath a series of arches, to reach Plaça del Castell square. Continue along Carrer del Forn. At the end of this street, turn right onto Carrer de Vas, under a series of arches, and take the first corner on your left, over a small bridge and to the carpark. To the left at the end of the carpark, taken the dirt trail that heads for Canapost-la Bisbal.

195.60 Km (47 m) The trail continues to the left. After 200 m, the dirt trail ends and you reach Canapost. Continue along the left-hand street with the church at the end of it. The path continues to your right. At the end of the street, turn left and follow the tarmacked trail to leave the village.

198.20 Km (45 m) You are now in Vulpellac. Continue to your left along Carrer de Santa Basilisa. At the roundabout take the street to the left, which is still Carrer de Santa Basilisa. Carry straight on, along Carrer Unió, until you reach the Town Hall. Continue straight on, before crossing the main road at the traffic lights. Continue straight on along the trail towards Fonteta. After 250 m, turn right and carry straight on to La Bisbal.

201.00 Km (33 m) La Bisbal d’Empordà. Take the first tarmacked street on the left. On reaching Carrer Covent, turn right and then immediately left onto Carrer Martí Barrera and carry on until the end. Then turn right, and right again, along Avinguda President Companys. After turning left there is a pedestrial street (Carrer Cal Pedró) that turns off to the left. Take this street until you come to the new road that crosses the Daró river. Follow the road and cross the river.

201.70 Km (36 m) 300 m after having crossed the bridge, take the dirt trail on your right that reaches the river without crossing it. Continue along this trail on the right of the river.

203.20 Km (36 m) You will now be able to see Cruïlles, and the trail leading to it is clearly marked out. Turn left at the first fork and right at the second onto a tarmacked path, leaving the path to Sant Sadurní de l’Heura on your left.

204.30 Km (70 m) Cruïlles. You will have come to the road. Turn left and then right, uphill, to the village (bus stop). You go around Cruïlles along Carrer del Raval and carry straight on towards Monells along the road that goes uphill for around 800 m before going downhill again.

206.80 Km (53 m) Monells. On reaching the Sant Sadurní de l’Heura road (with a STOP sign and a bus stop), enter Monells along Carrer Vilanova. Traffic is restricted in Monells, so be careful with your bike. Turn right at the end of Carrer Vilanova, cross the torrent and carry on until you reach the road again. Turn left. After 50 m, take the road leading to Corçà.

208.80 Km (44 m) Corçà. Enter the twon along Avinguda Santa Cristina, which crosses the very busy Girona to La Bisbal road. Continue towards Casavells along Carrer Major until you leave Corçà and take the road on your right towards Casavells. Follow this tarmacked trail until you come to the road connecting La Bisbal and L’Escala. Be careful when riding onto this road on the right, and especially when crossing over immediately to the left-hand side to continue towards Casavells.

210.70 Km (30 m) You will come to a turn-off. Leave a dirt trail to your right that runs to La Bisbal and follow the tarmacked trail on your left towards Casavells. You will come to another turn-off: the tarmacked trail continues to the left towards Casavells, and on the right is the dirt trail heading for Torroella. Carry on to your left towards Casavells.

212.40 Km (41 m) You reach the village along Carrer Sant Josep on your left. Turn right at the first corner and continue along Carrer Santa Llúcia. Take the first street to the left and continue along Carrer de l’Església. Turn right at the first corner and continue along Carrer Sant Isidre and leave Casavells along the small tarmacked road.

213.50 Km (20 m) You pass near to Matajudaica, but carry on along the road. After 400 m, take the turn-off to the left towards Fonolleres - Torroella.

213.90 Km (22 m) You will come to a tarmacked trail. Left heads for Fonolleres, but continue right towards Torroella alongside the Daró river.

217 Km (14 m) You will come to a turn-off. Continue right towards Serra de Daró. Left heads to Ultramort - Sant Iscle. Do not cross the river. Continue along the dirt trail that runs alongside it. Cross the road and continue along the trail following the river.

218.80 Km (8 m) You will come to a turn-off. Take the trail downhill to the right and cross the river towards Torroella. Continue along the trail until you reach a road. Turn left and carry on until you reach Gualta, 221.10 Km (16 m). You reach Gualta along Carrer Oliveres. At the crossroads at the end of the street, take the left-hand street towards Torroella. Go down this street, which bends to the right, and leave Gualta along a tarmacked trail. When you come to the Daró river, carry on to your left (going straight on leads to Fonolleres beach) towards Torroella. On the right after a few metres is a bridge that you cross. You will come to the Girona-Torroella road.

222.50 Km (8 m) Cross the road and follow the dirt trail that follows the Daró river. After a few metres, the Daró meets the Ter river.

223.90 Km (6 m) On reaching the road, turn left (cross the road straight ahead leads to the path running to Gola del Ter), cross the bridge and carry straight on along the road until you reach Torroella de Montgrí.

  • Classification of the route: Nature
  • Means of transport: By bike
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners
  • Circuit distance: 38,6 km
  • Length of stay: 3 h
  • Uphill (m): 190
  • Downhill: 170
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Tourist offices: Pals, Peratallada, La Bisbal d'Empordà, Torroella de Montgrí
  • Province: Girona
  • Region: Baix Empordà
  • Places of interest: Iglesia de Sant Julià de Boada, Peratallada, Monells, río Daró.
  • Signs: 
  • Advice: Antes de salir revisa la bicicleta (presión de los neumáticos, frenos, cambio y cadena). Lleva el equipo adecuado según el tiempo y la distancia. Es muy recomendable ir equipado con alforjas.
Pals – Torroella de Montgrí
  • Pals – Torroella de Montgrí

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  • Pals – Torroella de Montgrí
  • Pals – Torroella de Montgrí

  • Costa Brava