Olot – Girona

Short route by bicycle that starts at Olot's old railway station and follows Girona's Ruta del Carrilet cyclepath to reach the city. Once there, you can visit the ancient quarter or an exhibition.

34.0 Km (436 m) From Plaça Josep Clarà, take Passeig de Barcelona, a tree-lined avenue, until you cross the Ferro (Iron) bridge. As soon as you have crossed it, turn right along a small street that leads to Olot's former railway station. From here on, follow the Ruta del Carrilet de Girona (Girona's Cyclepath), which is very well signposted with a green banner.

39.30 Km (465 m) Les Preses.

42.70 Km (480 m) Sant Esteve d’en Bas.

52.80 Km (469 m) Sant Feliu de Pallerols.

58.10 Km (352 m) Les Planes d’Hostoles.

66.60 Km (235 m) Amer.

72.20 Km (162 m) La Cellera de Ter.

74.20 Km (148 m) Anglès.

98.60 Km (93 m). On passing a tunnel you will see a fork in the cyclepath. Leave the route heading for Girona through Salt to take the cement path that descends to your left and that also reaches Girona, but through Les Deveses de Ter.

98.70 Km (90 m) After 100 m, carry on right. You will come to a fork after 2 Km. Leave the path leading to Salt town centre (on the right) and take the one on your left to Girona. After 500 m, you will pass underneath the motorway before turning left and then right.

102.30 Km (77 m) You will reach a tarmacked trail. Turn right and immediately left. From then on, carry straight on until you enter Girona.

104 Km (72 m) Girona, Avinguda Josep Tarradellas; go left. At the first zebra crossing, cross the road and then another road before taking the third road towards the Palau de Congresos (Congress Hall), which you will leave on your right.

104.50 Km (72 m) Parc de la Devesa (La Devesa Park). Cross it along the main avenue and carry straight on until a ramp begins on your right. At the end of the ramp, continue to your right. Before you reach the next roundabout, cross the street and pass under the railway line before crossing another street. Girona tourism office is 20 m away on your left. Carry straight on along Avinguda Ramon Folc, in front of the courts and the post office until you reach Plaça de la Independència square. You could spend part of the day visiting the old quarter, the jewish quarter, and the many different exhibitions that are organised. Girona has a railway station.

  • Classification of the route: Architecture, History, Nature
  • Means of transport: By bike
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners
  • Circuit distance: 58,8 km
  • Length of stay: 5 h
  • Uphill (m): 600
  • Downhill: 240
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Tourist offices: Olot, Sant Esteve d'en Bas, Sant Feliu de Pallarols, Amer, Girona
  • Province: Girona
  • Region: Garrotxa, Gironès, Selva
  • Places of interest: Barrio judío y barrio antiguo de Girona
  • Signs: 
  • Advice: Antes de salir repasa la bicicleta (presión de los neumáticos, frenos, cambio y cadena). Lleva el equipo adecuado según el tiempo y la distancia. Es recomendable llevar alforjas.
Olot – Girona
  • Olot – Girona

  • Costa Brava

  • Olot – Girona
  • Olot – Girona

  • Costa Brava