Massís del Montseny Natural Park.

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The Montseny massif is both a natural park and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is crowned by peaks such as the Turó de l’Home (1,706 metres) or Matagalls (1,697 metres). It is also home to a wealth of natural and cultural heritage.

The Montseny massif, natural park and part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, contains part of the regions of Osona, Selva and Vallès Oriental.

It is formed by the peaks of Turó de l'Home (1,706 metres), Les Agudes (1,703 metres), El Matagalls (1,697 metres) and the plain Pla de la Calma (Mount Drau, 1,344 metres). It is crossed by the Congost, Tordera and Riera Major rivers. A combination that means that the vegetation is extremely lush and is home to an abundance of wildlife.

Among the cultural heritage, it is worth highlighting the megalithic constructions in the Arca mountain range, the Roman villa of Can Terrers, the many mediaeval churches, the numerous castles, the fortified houses of Bellver and La Sala, the village of Tagamanent and the Sant Segimon hermitage.

The beauty and diversity of the landscapes of the Montseny Massif Natural Park have inspired numerous artists, writers and intellectuals and every year they attract around two million visitors.

  • Year of declaration: 1977 a Barcelona, 1978 a Girona
  • Regulations: Law 12/1985, of 13 June, on natural areas. DOGC 556 of 28 of June 1985.
  • Area: 28934
  • Ownership: Public
  • District: Aiguafreda; Fogars de Montclús; Arbúcies; Breda; Brull, el; Viladrau; Figaró-Montmany; Montseny; Seva; Campins; Cànoves i Samalús; Garriga, la; Gualba; Riells i Viabrea; Sant Esteve de Palautordera; Sant Pere de Vilamajor; Sant Feliu de Buixalleu; Tagamanent.
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  • Annual closing: Open all year round.
  • Opening hours - summer : Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00.
  • Opening hours - winter: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00.
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish




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The enormous range of humidity levels and temperatures means that exceptionally diverse vegetation grows in Montseny Massif Natural Park. Due to the strata that change depending on the altitude, plant formations overlap that are characteristically Mediterranean in the lower areas (holm oak, cork oak and pine groves), more typical of a rainy, low mountain environment a little further up (mountain kermes oak and English oak groves), and central European environments over one thousand metres (beech and fir groves) and even subalpine environments on the peaks (thickets and grassland).


In the holm oak grove we can find wild boars, foxes, genets and garden dormice among the most well-known mammals; the northern goshawk, the Eurasian jay and the robin among the most common birds, and several types of amphibians, reptiles and fish. What gives the wildlife in the park its unique character are the species of central European influence, such as the common frog, the Montseny brook newt – the only vertebrate species native to Catalonia – or the Eurasian water shrew, as well as the hare, the dormouse, the water pipit, the Eurasian bullfinch, the Western green lizard and the asp.


Montseny natural park offers around thirty marked routes for all levels of ability, starting from different points around the park. Worth a mention are: Sot de L'Infern (llano del Coll), from Viladrau to Matagalls, from Santa Fe to Les Agudes and El Turó de l'Home (Can Casades), from Arbúcies to the castle of Montsoriu or from El Bellver to the Tagamanent hill. There are also two adapted routes: Fuente del Frare (Can Casades) and Masia Mariona. The paths GR 2, GR 5 and GR 83 also cross the park.

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Massís del Montseny Natural Park.
  • Massís del Montseny Natural Park.

  • Address:Road BV-5119, quilòmetre 2,5

  • 08470 Fogars de Montclús

  • Barcelona / Costa Barcelona

  • Massís del Montseny Natural Park.
  • Massís del Montseny Natural Park.

  • Address: Road BV-5119, quilòmetre 2,5

  • 08470 Fogars de Montclús

  • Barcelona / Costa Barcelona

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