Updated information on COVID-19 and trips to Catalonia


Situation at the border

Entry to Spain is currently permitted for people traveling for leisure purposes. 

Controls and requirements for entrance to the country

There are no Covid-19 health controls at entry points to Spain except for travelers arriving from China. For more information, check here.

All passengers arriving to Spain by air from the People's Republic of China might be subject to a sanitary control at the first point of entry to Spain, which will include, at least, temperature control, documents' check and passenger's health visual check. 

These passengers must have a EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent, which can be one of the following: 

- Vaccination certificate

- Diagnòstic test certificate 

- Recovery certificate 

In the event of not having an EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent, the passenger must have a Covid-19 diagnostic test certificate with a negative result. Tests accepted are: 

- NAAT test taken no more than 72 hours before departure. 

- Antigens tests taken no more than 24 hours before departure. 

These are the tests authorized by the European Commission. The certificate must be original, written in Spanish or English, and can be presented in printed or digital format. In the event of not having a certificate in the requested languages, an official translation into Spanish will be required. The document will include, at least, the following information: passenger name, identification number (passport or official ID), date of testing, ID and contact details of the testing center, description of the type of test taken and test negative result. 

In addition to the above requirements, all passengers arriving to Spain from the People's Republic of China might be subjected to a Covid test at the point of arrival and, if deemed necessary, a medical evaluation to check all epidemiologic and clinical aspects of the passenger. 

For more information on sanitary controls for entry, check here. 


Catalonia is back to normality thanks to the improvement of the indicators of the virus situation, which is continually monitored. 

Tourism offer and leisure activities operate with total normality, and they are not affected by either hours of operation or capacity limitations. 

Map with the situation of restaurants and accommodation in Catalonia


Public transportation is back to normal scheduling and functioning and there are no limitations to mobility. 

Health recommendations when using public transportation

-Avoid using public transport if someone is unwell.

-Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer often.

-Keep the safety distance and avoid sitting facing other users.


Safety distance:

Virus transmission is easier in crowded areas. If you have any health issued that can be worsened with Covid-19, we recommend that you use a face mask in such crowded areas (especially if they are indoors). If you are in a crowded area, wear your face mask correctly and do not remove it. 

Face Masks: 

The use of face masks is mandatory for anyone over 6 years old while in pharmacies, health centers, health facilities and elderly people residences. 

Exceptions to the above rule apply to people with respiratory illnesses or health issues that can be worsened by using a face mask or people that, due to disability or dependency, are not able to remove it themselves or that present behavior disorders that prevent their use. 

For additional information, please check the official website of the health department of the Catalan Government.

Meetings and gatherings:

Meetings and gatherings are allowed as long as they do not create crowds nor go over the maximum space capacity.  Additionally, it is recommended that indoor spaces are ventilated before, during and after the gathering, as well as that outdoors gatherings be prioritized. 


Health Department

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Last Update on 09.02.2023