Updated information on COVID-19 and trips to Catalonia


International borders :

Entry is permitted to all travellers arriving from the European Union (EU) and from those countries associated with the Schengen area (Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom) as well as Andorra, The Vatican, Monaco i San Marino.

In addition, entry is also permitted to all travellers arriving from the following countries, regions, administrative areas and other:

Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Ruanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Furthermore, entry restrictions and requirements change depending on the country of origin and the epidemiologic situation in each territory. You can check the requirements by country of origin in the following link:

Travel requirements by country of origin - MAP

Travellers can enter Catalonia by road, train, air or sea if they comply with current entry requirements at the time of arrival. 

You can check the current situation of airports in Catalonia by visiting AENA's website or directly at each of the airports' websites: Josep Tarradellas Barcelona - El Prat, Girona-Costa Brava i Reus.


Arrivals in Catalonia are possible through the international airports Josep Tarradelles Barcelona El PratGirona-Costa Brava and Reus, as well as by rail and road.

You can find more information on Catalonia's airports at the AENA website.

As the epidemic situation improves and restrictions become more flexible, boats and cruises are now allowed into Catalan ports.

Controls and requirements for entrance to the country

With the exception of a few countries, all travellers arriving to Spain, regardless of the mode of transportation used for arrival, must present one of the following certificates:

- A negative test result of a PCR test (like NAAT) or a rapid antigens test (like RAT), written in English, French, German or Spanish, and taken within 48 hours of starting the trip.

- A vaccination certificate. Valid vaccination certificates are those relative to vaccines authorised by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organisation.

In addition to this certificate, travellers arriving by air or sea will also have to complete a public health form before the start of their trip. 

Air travellers: complete the form on this link or use the SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH-SpTH (Android i Apple).

Sea travellers: complete this form.


Catalonia is currently returning to normality, always subject to the virus situation, that is still continually controlled. 

As a result, tourist offer and leisure activities are not affected by limitations regarding hours of operation or capacity, with some exceptions in which capacity is limited to 80%.

Map with the situation of restaurants and accommodation in Catalonia


Public transportation is back to normal scheduling and functioning and there are no limitations to mobility. 

Health recommendations when using public transportation

-Mandatory use of masks.

-Avoid using public transport if someone is unwell.

-Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer often.

-Keep the safety distance and avoid sitting facing other users.


Safety distance:

The recomended safety distance between people is 1.5m and a safety space of 2.5m2 per person.

Distances of less than 1m cannot be held indoors, except between people who travel in a group, or that have close contact on a regular basis.


Everyone over 6 years old must wear a face mask when in indoor public spaces or indoor spaces open to the public as well as when using public transportation such as trains, flights and buses.

The use of face masks is not mandatory for those suffering any type of respiratory illness or difficulty that may be exacerbated by the use of such facemask.

For additional information, please check the website of the health department of the Catalan Government.

Meetings and gatherings:

Meetings and gatherings are allowed as long as they do not involve crowds or exceed the space maximum allowed capacity. Moreover, group sizes should be of 10 or less people and social bubbles should be as stable as possible.

It is recommended that you avoid indoor spaces and that you remain with the group of people you live with.

Tobacco consumption and others:

Smoking is not allowed on public roads or in outdoor spaces when a minimum distance of 2 meters between people cannot be respected.

You can find more information about the measures at this link.


Map of the evolution of covid-19 in Catalonia by municipalities Generalitat de Catalunya

Find out more about your trip and security measures in Spain - Turespaña 

Last Update on 17/03/2022