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Girona has the charm and magic of a large city, but also the friendly atmosphere of a small town. It has a wide range of tourist, cultural and historic attractions, and a rich social life, with events and popular festivals of great interest.

The city still preserves an old Medieval district that extends up to the impressive cathedral, through the dark, narrow streets of the Old quarter, while more modern and organised part is at the other side of the river. Above the bank of the river Onyar is Girona’s most famous image, formed by the pleasant colourful houses.

The Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria (11th-13th centuries) is Girona’s most relevant architectural feature, though it is by no means the only one. There are many other examples of religious architecture, such as the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants (13th century), the convents of Sant Domènec (13th century) and Sant Josep (16th-17th centuries) or the churches of Sant Feliu (12th-16th centuries), Sant Nicolau (12th century) or Sant Daniel (11th century), among other buildings.

There are also examples of civilian architecture from other periods, such as the Turkish baths (12th-13th centuries), the Agullana house (14th-17th centuries), the old palace of Caramany (16th-18th centuries) or the Modernista Teixidor house (1918).

But Girona’s attractiveness is not only limited to history or architecture. The Devesa Park is one of the most pleasant green urban spaces in Catalonia. The city’s many museums complete a very comprehensive cultural offering.

The essentials

- Contemplate the colourful houses of the Onyar river.
- See the Gothic cathedral.
- Go up to the bell tower of Sant Feliu.
- Visit the Turkish baths.
- Walk through the Devesa Park.
- Follow the path around the wall.
- Discover the flower exhibition in May.


  • Region: Gironès
  • Province: Girona
  • Location: Font de la Pólvora, Girona, Montilivi, Sant Daniel, Vila-roja, Campdorà, Caputxins, Creu de Palau, la, Taialà i Germans Sàbat
  • Size: 39
  • Inhabitants: 97198
  • Promoting organisation: Ajuntament de Girona
  • Web:
You are adhered to: Cities with Character, Sports Tourism
You are adhered to: Cities with Character, Sports Tourism

Economic activity

The agricultural activity is primarily dry farming (hay and cereals), although there are also vegetable and sunflower crops. In the Sant Daniel valley, carbonated mineral water is drawn from the Pólvora i Miralles spring. Although it is a city with little industrial activity, it is qualitatively important. Textiles and paper are the industrial sectors with the longest tradition in the city. The metal, graphic arts and food product industries are also important, as is the construction sector. The services sector and tourism are of great importance for the municipality’s economy.

You are adhered to: Cities with Character, Sports Tourism
You are adhered to: Cities with Character, Sports Tourism
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  • Girona
  • Girona

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