Gaudí and Picasso amongst the mountains. Art and history in the forests

Art and culture route, Nature route, Gastronomic route
Given that artists such as Gaudí and Picasso were enamoured by these beautiful lands, we know that we are in the presence of a place that is as alive as it is charming, covered in art and revealing historical footprints.   

Day 1

From the page to the street
When we read books we imagine the world and reality within them. In the company of Turisme Puigcerdà, you can truly live everything that you imagined when you read the Carlos Ruiz Zafón novel, The Angel's Game, as they take you to the streets of Puigcerdà on which the plot plays out.

Great food in Bons Homes
Camí dels Bons Homes offers a route through the region's medieval cuisine. A chance to learn all about the gastronomy of Catalonia and Occitania during this period of history. You can try dishes such as pork chops with "nostrada" sauce, Moorish aubergines and pickled trout.

The wild side of Gaudí
Antoni Gaudí designed a garden for the Artigas family as a thank you for their hospitality. If the works of the genius architect have always been bound to nature, there is no finer example than the majestic vividness of the Jardins Artigas. Where does nature start and architecture end? Find out!

Day 2

Counting sheep all day...
In the small town of Arsèguel there is a wool factory that was operational until very recently. These days it's a museum, with all the original machinery, where you can learn all about the artisan wool manufacturing process.

Picasso and Gósol
Gósol has a guest of honour, Picasso. At the Picasso Centre you can admire replicas of the 300 plus works that the genius artist painted in this corner of the Pyrenees.

Amongst forests and meadows
The Carrilet Verd del Berguedà is a curious little train from Cercs to Saldes. As it journeys through the forests and meadows, you'll see the cows and horses graze with the majestic Pedraforca in the backdrop. Perfect for the kids.

Day 3

It's all Berga
Turisme Berga will take us through medieval, Carlist and pre-industrial Berga, where we'll immerse ourselves in La Patum, a traditional festival given Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity status. If you're a nature lover, you can't miss out on a visit to la Serra de Queralt.

Prehistory buried underground
You can even find a Neolithic burial ground here. Join Turisme Solsonès and visit the three graves of the Clots del Solà, the seven tombs and the menhir of Llor and the dolmens of Ceuró.

  • Classification of the route: Archaeology, Architecture, Literature, Painting, Wine and gastronomy, Cultural route
  • Means of transport: By car and by foot
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners
  • Circuit distance: 3 days
  • Length of stay: 3 días
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Route administrator: Turisme de Berga
  • Tourist offices: Puigcerdà, Cercs, Saldes, Berga, la Pobla de Lillet, Gósol
  • Province: Barcelona, Girona
  • Region: Berguedà, Cerdanya
  • Places of interest: Puigcerdà, Jardins Artigas, Centre Picasso de Gósol, Cercs, Saldes, Berga, Arsèguel, La Pobla de Lillet, Gósol.
Gaudí and Picasso amongst the mountains. Art and history in the forests
  • Gaudí and Picasso amongst the mountains. Art and history in the forests

  • Address:Street dels Àngels , 7

  • 08600 Berga

  • Barcelona / Pyrenees

  • Gaudí and Picasso amongst the mountains. Art and history in the forests
  • Gaudí and Picasso amongst the mountains. Art and history in the forests

  • Address: Street dels Àngels , 7

  • 08600 Berga

  • Barcelona / Pyrenees

  • Telephone:938 211 384

  • Web:

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