From the Caro refuge to Paüls

Leaving the Caro refuge behind you on the GR 7 footpath, the route is not overly difficult. You will see the Las Clotes refuge and the El Moraco country house. Before you reach Paüls, you can visit the Sant Roc rest area for a break before carrying on.

0 Km (1.107 m) Leave the Caro refuge along the footpath signposted as the GR 7 that leaves the refuge to head N. You will soon reach a small hill that you descend on the other side.

0.91 Km (1,032 m) 0 h 12 min. After coming to a pathway to some houses, descend to the torrent, continue right along a trail that, after a few metres, leads to a crossroads. Take the trail that does not cross the torrent but runs alongside it on your right (NE).

2.93 Km (1,021 m) 0 h 40 min. Leave the trail to take a well signposted path to your left that climbs NW. Once the path begins to flatten out, it becomes narrower and turns into a trail that continues in the same direction (NW) and crosses perpendicular to another, better signposted trail (Km 4.38, 1,147 m, 1 h 07 min). Later on you change direction (NE) and pass the mountains of Caubet (Km 6.16, 1,097 m, 1 h 31 min) and Carabasses (Km 6.79, 1,052 m, 1 h 40 min).

7.54 Km (989 m) 1 h 51 min. Las Clotes free refuge. The path turns right to head NE. You cross the ditches of El Maraco.

11.91 Km (1,073 m) 2 h 58 min. Pass alongside the El Moraco country house located in some meadows that are home to livestock.

13.24 Km (1,112 m) 3 h 18 min. La Enrajolada mountain to the N of the peak of La Espina. Carry straight on (N) beyond the Los Ginjolers mountain and continue in the same direction. At the Los Salers mountain (Km 14.19, 1,052 m, 3 h 30 min), descend and follow the torrent downhill heading N. Leave it and, shortly afterwards, climb back up to the small hill of El Canal de la Mantega.

15.45 Km (975 m) 3 h 47 min. From this small hill you begin your descent to Paüls. At Km 16.95 (713 m, 4 h 2 min), you will come to the top of some fields of fruit trees where you take the trail that descends to your left heading E and, later on, goes around the left-hand side of the Castillo country house. Continue downhill, taking a sharp bend to the right. After a few metres you will pass a fence.

17.06 Km (640 m) 4 h 19 min. Leave the trail and take a path to your left that heads N.

At Km 18.36 (554 m, 4 h 37 min), you will come to a trail that continues right (E) downhill. At the Guasc hill (Km 18.91, 483 m, 4 h 46 min), continue along the left slope and leave the trail to take a path on your right (N). Walk downhill to another hill, where you will come to the trail.

19.24 Km (436 m) 4 h 51 min. Take this trail that soon becomes tarmacked on your right, descending NE to the rest area of Sant Roc, located in a lovely area of pine and holm oak woods, with a hermitage of the same name on the peak. Carry on downhill along the same trail heading NE to Paüls.

22.13 Km (313 m) 5 h 24 min. Paüls. End of the stage.

  • Classification of the route: Nature
  • Means of transport: On foot
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners
  • Circuit distance: 21,49 km
  • Length of stay: 6 h 30 min
  • Uphill (m): 953
  • Downhill: 902
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Province: Tarragona
  • Region: Baix Ebre, Terra Alta
  • Places of interest: Refugio de les Clotes, Mas de Moraco
  • Signs: 
  • Advice: Lleva calzado adecuado, agua y snacks. Sigue la señalización y lleva siempre cartografía (el móvil puede fallar si no hay cobertura).
From the Caro refuge to Paüls
  • From the Caro refuge to Paüls

  • Terres de l'Ebre

  • From the Caro refuge to Paüls
  • From the Caro refuge to Paüls

  • Terres de l'Ebre

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