From Beseit to the Font Ferrera refuge

This is an easy itinerary, although it does have some inconveniences, such as crossing some slippery wood walkways next to the water or getting lost on one of the stony paths.

0 Km (598 m) Leave Beseit along a tarmacked trail signposted to El Parrissal that climbs the valley of the Matarranya river S. The signposts are the same as the GR 8 footpath up to the Las Marrades gully.

6.65 Km (664 m) 1 h 34 min. Rest area in El Parrissal. The tarmacked trail ends and you carry on along another dirt trail, with the odd tunnel dug in the stone, which soon becomes a path that passes south over some wooden walkways next to the water, upstream of the Matarranya river. Be careful because some of them are rather slippery, while others are in precarious condition. The path runs from one side of the river to another, along some stony sections and others where the path peters out: follow the course of the river (SE). When you come to some large boulders, the route becomes rather more difficult to follow: keep to the left.

9.12 Km (720 m) 2 h 12 min. You will arrive before entering the narrow pass of Las Gúbies del Parrissal. There are two options, depending on the flow of the river (the second of which has been chosen and georeferences for precaution): if the river has little water in it, you can continue along the gorge and cross the inside of the gully for a view of the high walls from the bottom. Otherwise, take the El Pas del Romeret path that climbs to the left of the pass up a very steep slope for around 100 m. Then follow a section from where you can see the impressive landscape forming Las Gúbies del Parrissal from above, and descend using steps and chains, along a very steep path until you return to the Matarranya and continue to its source at the narrow pass of El Pont de la Guimerana (which, despite its name, is merely a pass inside a gorge).

11.33 Km (838 m) 2 h 55 min. Pont de la Guimerana. Leave the Matarranya valley and take a path uphill to the right (W) to follow the La Coscollosa gorge. Different yew trees can be seen and you will pass alongside the Teix de la Coscollosa tree.

14.69 Km (1,018 m) 3 h 51 min. After following the valley, you will reach the narrow pass of La Coscollosa. After crossing it, alongside a pool, there is a forest path that you take on the right S/SW before passing nearby La Casa del Rei.

15.66 Km (1,063 m) 4 h 07 min. Fork. On a left-hand bend, take the path to your right (SW) that follows the Cervera gorge, meeting and crossing the path again a little later on before coming to another trail with a pool alongside it (Km 15.90, 1.098 m, 4 h 12 min). Cross this path and continue along the path that descends SW. After a few metres you will come to another trail that you take on the left in the same direction (SW).

16.22 Km (1,090 m) 4 h 16 min. At the fork in the paths, leave the one on the right (W/NW) and follow the main path SW through the Los Lladres gorge.

17.70 Km (1,144 m) 4 h 30 min. After a steep climb, when the trail begins to flatten out on a left-hand bend, take a path to the right (SW) that leads to the Font Ferrera refuge.

17.90 Km (1,158 m) 4 h 35 min. Font Ferrera refuge. End of the stage.

  • Classification of the route: Nature
  • Means of transport: On foot
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners
  • Circuit distance: 18,2 km
  • Length of stay: 5 h 30 min
  • Uphill (m): 200
  • Downhill: 760
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Province: Tarragona
  • Region: Montsià
  • Places of interest: Valle de Matarranya, estrecho de la Coscollosa.
  • Signs: 
  • Advice: Lleva calzado adecuado, agua y snacks. Sigue la señalización y lleva siempre cartografía (el móvil puede fallar si no hay cobertura).
From Beseit to the Font Ferrera refuge
  • From Beseit to the Font Ferrera refuge

  • Terres de l'Ebre

  • From Beseit to the Font Ferrera refuge
  • From Beseit to the Font Ferrera refuge

  • Terres de l'Ebre

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