From Arnes to Beseit

Arnes is over twenty kilometres from Beseit. The path runs past a water tank, fruit trees, the Las Valls stream and the impressive Lo Blau hillside and Dreta rock before reaching Beseit.

0 Km (503 m) Leave Arnes along a tarmacked trail that heads SE from the left-hand side of La Miranda school.

1.63 Km (519 m) 0 h 23 min. Fork: leave the tarmacked trail to take another dirt trail on your right (SE) that you must leave after 500 m to take a path on your right that climbs gently S.

2.60 Km (579 m) 0 h 30 min. At the next fork, leave the path that descends left (S) and turn right on a path that flattens out SW.

4.05 Km (590 m) 0 h 50 min. When you reach a bend in the path, carry straight on and leave the section running downhill to your left. A little later on, there is a fork where you take the trail on the right. Continue SW and, on a right-hand bend, leave the trail along a path to your left (SW; Km 4.77, 600 m, 1 h) that soon passes a pool and reaches some fields of fruit trees alongside the La Creu country house running in a line SW. Walk to the left of the fields until you reach the forest trail that climbs steeply (SW) until it comes to a small hill.

Walk down the other side of the hill, still heading SW, and you will come to the Las Valls stream, where you turn sharply left to change direction (SE) back up the river along the left bank. You pass through the Las Valls pass with the impressive slopes of Lo Blau and Roca Dreta to your N and the strange Punta de l’Àliga to your S.

7.70 Km (571 m) 1 h 45 min. Fork. When the valley runs S in front of the Las Valls country house, the route crosses the river and heads right, climbing up to the peak of the Xertó mountain (Km 8.82, 726 m, 2 h 12 min). Walk downhill on the other side and, after a while, leave the path that runs left and keep descending alongside a torrent until you reach the bottom of the valley, where there is a trail alongside the little Ganxo house (Km 10.06, 556 m, 2 h 31 min). Take the trail on the right, continuing west along the Algars river and, after 200 m, cross the river to follow a trail that follows it back (E/SE) along the other bank.

10.65 Km (557 m) 2 h 39 min. Fork. Climb up a trail on your rght (SW: a painted boulder indicates the path to Penya Galera). After 1 Km, the trail becomes a path, which is known as La Costa de Arrencapets, that runs SW to the Pelele mountain (Km 12.75, 890 m, 3 h 35 min), from where you head N along a small track (which sometimes peters out) leading to La Punta de Penyagalera.

13.89 Km (1026 m) 4 h. You are now at the Penyagalera ridge, where the path takes a bend to the left and begins to descend: take the path at this point that follows the ridge NE to the peak of La Punta de Penyagalera in 70 m. Once at the summit, turn back on yourself until you come to the crossroads and descend on your right (NW), sharing signposts with the PR TE-151 footpath.

17.89 Km (564 m) 4 h 55 min. When you reach the bottom of the valley, cross the Ulldemor river and climb up the other bank until you come to a tarmacked trail after a few metres that you take to the right -first following the river west, until Beseit.

21.06 Km (599 m) 5 h 40 min. Beseit. End of the stage.

  • Classification of the route: Nature
  • Means of transport: On foot
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners
  • Circuit distance: 22,87 km
  • Length of stay: 8 h 30 min
  • Uphill (m): 905
  • Downhill: 1027
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Province: Tarragona
  • Region: Terra Alta
  • Places of interest: Paredes de lo Blau, la Roca Dreta, la Punta de l'Àliga, Penyagalera.
  • Signs: 
  • Advice: Lleva calzado adecuado, agua y snacks. Sigue la señalización y lleva siempre cartografía (el móvil puede fallar si no hay cobertura).
From Arnes to Beseit
  • From Arnes to Beseit

  • Terres de l'Ebre

  • From Arnes to Beseit
  • From Arnes to Beseit

  • Terres de l'Ebre

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