Collegats-Queralt Protected Natural Area

Nature area / Countryside / Open space, PEIN (Plan for areas of natural interest), Natura 2000 Network: Special Protection Area (SPA)
Marked by the deep gorge formed by the Noguera Pallaresa river between towering red cliffs and the impressive Queralt rocks, this natural area offers landscapes of great contrast and a wide range of outdoor activities.

Natural area with spectacular landscapes located in Pallars. Almost eighty percent of the area can be found in Pallars Jussà, whilst the remaining twenty percent belongs to Pallars Sobirà. It is formed around the gorge of the Noguera Pallaresa river, which opens up a narrow rift between giant walls of reddish outcrops, and the large Queralt rock formations. In addition, this section of the river is also a partial nature reserve. In terms of plant and wildlife, we can highlight the pine forests, the different types of moss and the presence of otters. A large number of bird of prey and bats inhabit the cracks and caves of the cliffs.

The area is very popular among outdoor sports fans thanks to its easy access from the N-260 road and the wide range of tourism infrastructures related to nature and sports activities. Among others, it is possible to go hiking, climbing rafting or canyoning, which takes place in the spectacular Sant Pere de l’Infern gorge.

  • Year of declaration: 1992
  • Regulations: Decree 328/1992
  • Area: 2343
  • Ownership: Public
  • District: Pobla de Segur, la; Conca de Dalt; Senterada; Baix Pallars
  • Visitor centres: N
  • Annual closing: Open all year round
  • How to get there: The N-260 road crosses the area following the La Noguera Pallaresa valley.
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French



Picnic area

Signposted itineraries


The vegetation is characterised by the black pine groves, a number of kermes oak groves, alder groves in the riverside area and ferns and mosses that grow where the water trickles over the limestone.


Otters, white-throated dippers and water snakes are at home in the river. On the cliffs, we can see birds of prey like bearded vultures, Egyptian vultures, Griffon vultures and owls. The osprey passes through the area during migration season. Living on land, there are weasels, crowned shrews, Iberian vipers, Pyrenean vipers and an endemic snail which is a protected species, the Pyrenaea orgánica.


Bird-watching tourism

Collegats-Queralt Protected Natural Area
  • Collegats-Queralt Protected Natural Area

  • Address:Avenue Verdaguer, 35

  • 25500 Pobla de Segur, la

  • Lleida / Pyrenees

  • Collegats-Queralt Protected Natural Area
  • Collegats-Queralt Protected Natural Area

  • Address: Avenue Verdaguer, 35

  • 25500 Pobla de Segur, la

  • Lleida / Pyrenees

  • Telephone:973 680 038

  • Fax:973 681 107


  • Web:

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