Can Solé

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Can Solé was founded in 1903 and is one of the most traditional restaurants in the Barceloneta neighbourhood of Barcelona. It has taken on new culinary approaches but its seafood dishes still taste the way they used to do. We could highlight the assortment of rice dishes, noodles, grilled or roast seafood and shellfish, stews and fish sauces, crayfish or common lobster.

*Founded in 1903, Can Solé is one of the most traditional restaurants in the Barceloneta neighbourhood. Although it has incorporated new culinary trends over time, its seafood dishes still have a taste of yesteryear. The restaurant has two dining rooms - ground floor and first floor. Its walls are lined with writings, photos and drawings from artists, journalists and many regular customers. There's also a sea-faring aspect to its décor. To start, you can share some fried fish, breaded squid, cod dough balls, clams, mussels, prawns or Dublin Bay prawns, although you can also go for something heartier such as green beans with scallops. Its varied menu includes a great selection of rice dishes including the "Can Solé". rice stew Other options are the noodles, grilled or oven-baked fish and seafood, fish, crayfish or lobster stews and sauces as well as oven-baked cuttlefish with tomato, one of the house specialities at Can Solé. Another highly recommended dish is the cod steak with potatoes done in the oven au gratin with alioli. Desserts are all homemade. The house speciality is sponge cake ice cream with caramelised almonds. Other ideas are the house tipsy cake, cream horns or orange pudding. It has a meticulous wine list, mainly white, that includes around thirty entries from several Spanish denominations of origin. It also has a good selection of cavas and half a dozen champagnes.
  • Ethnic origin of cuisine: Catalan, Mediterranean
  • Location: Urban, City, Port
  • Average price: Medium
  • Date opened: 1903
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English
  • Owner: Josep Maria Garcia
  • Head chef: Josep Maria Garcia


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Can Solé
  • Can Solé

  • Address:Street Sant Carles, 4

  • 08003 Barcelona

  • Barcelona / Barcelona

  • Can Solé
  • Can Solé

  • Address: Street Sant Carles, 4

  • 08003 Barcelona

  • Barcelona / Barcelona

  • Telephone:932 215 012

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  • Web:

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