Caldes d'Estrac

Guide to the Municipalities
The heritage of its thermal waters has marked the history of this small El Maresme town. The proximity of the spa to the beach has made it a point of reference for medicinal treatments. In addition to the curative properties of its waters, it boasts a valuable architectural heritage, such as the Casa Ugalde and the houses in the Catalan Art Nouveau and noucentista style lining the charming Passeig dels Anglesos on the seafront. The most highly prized artistic treasure is the Palau Foundation, a foundation that exhibits the priceless works by Picasso belonging to the art collection of Josep Palau i Fabre.

The essentials

- Enjoy the health resorts and spas.
- Take a walk with commentary through Muntanyà Park, the Encantes tower.
- Visit the Palau i Fabre Foundation Museum.
- Take part in the gastronomy sessions of the Pesolada.


  • Region: Maresme
  • Province: Barcelona
  • Location: Caldes d'Estrac
  • Inhabitants: 2773
  • Web:

Economic activity

After the disappearance of traditional industry during the sharp decline of the construction sector, the main source of wealth is tourism (old natural spa destination and summer residence town).
Caldes d'Estrac
  • Caldes d'Estrac

  • Caldes d'Estrac
  • Caldes d'Estrac

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