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Bicicarril organises cycle routes but also hires and sells bikes and accessories. During the cycle tours, it offers transport, assistance and catering services.

Bicicarril is a business which was set up in response to the popularity of the greenway which runs from Olot to Girona. The company is based in Amer, a town set in an exceptional location as it is at the confluence of the Brugent and Ter rivers.

The company hires and sells bicycles of all kinds (standard, electric, tandem, adapted for people with reduced mobility, etc.) and accessories (helmets, padlocks, sat nav, etc). Whether the equipment belongs to the company or the customer, transport services are also available, as the company has various vehicles and trailers with capacity for up to forty bikes.

For groups, it is possible to order a guide and back-up service to follow the group throughout the tour in case of any incident. If you book the catering service, you can enjoy a paella or a dish of noodles at one of the stops.

  • Sport: Mountain bike
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish



Equipment hire

Disabled access

Accessible area classifi
Facilities available for wheelchair users
Facilities available for people with reduced mobility
No facilities available for the deaf or those with hearing impairments
No facilities available for the blind or visually impaired
Types of inspection
  • Bicicarril

  • Address:Ascent de l'Estació, 2

  • 17170 Amer

  • Girona / Costa Brava

  • Bicicarril
  • Bicicarril

  • Address: Ascent de l'Estació, 2

  • 17170 Amer

  • Girona / Costa Brava

  • Telephone:972 430 413

  • Mobile:646 027 372


  • Web:

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