Besalú – Lladó

The itinerary takes five hours and enables you to visit the 12th century church of Santa Magdalena. The section after this becomes a little more complicated until you reach Cal Xicot. Later on, follow the trail to Sola de Bedós and, once in Alberas, you will be given a unique view of the Pyrenees and Alt Empordà.

0 Km (148 m) Leave Besalú from Plaça de la Llibertat square, up Carrer Major towards the road. Turn right and cross it to reach the bridge over the Capellada torrent. This road leads to Figueres.

0.60 Km (166 m) 0 h 12 min. Take the turn-off to the left to Beuda. The path carries straight on and then turns right. Follow the asphalt path. At the first fork, carry on to your left without leaving the path.

1.90 Km (203 m) 0 h 27 min. Turn right along the path that is not tarmacked.

2.40 Km (203 m) 0 h 33 min. When you reach a holm oak grove, turn left. It is here that you will start to see the first olive trees. Carry straight on, leaving the different turn-offs to your right.

4.00 Km (200 m) 0 h 52 min. Can Traver. Turn left.

5.20 Km (215 m) 1 h 06 min. On reaching the asphalt path, carry straight on towards Maià de Montcal.

6.00 Km (215 m) 1 h 16 min. Maià de Montcal. In Plaça de Girona square, head for Carrer de Sant Vicenç, which you follow right to the end.

6.80 Km (220 m) 1 h 25 min. Leave the turn-off to Santa Magdalena, the 12th century church that is just 30 min from the path, to your right. It is well worth a visit. Continue left towards the shrine of La Mare de Déu del Món, Beuda and Albanyà, leaving the path that leads to Lladó.

7.20 Km (233 m) 1 h 30 min. On reaching the old plaster works (Molí de la Serra d’en Bosc), pay attention to the trail that runs alongside the pool, leaving the path that runs to Cal Noguer.

7.60 Km (247 m) 1 h 35 min. The route turns right past a small clearing. This is quite a well-marked path.

8.00 Km (256 m) 1 h 40 min. Leave the path in front of the exit from a field half-way around a left-hand bend. Pass through a denser area. When you reach an area of plantain trees, there is a path on your right. Do not take this path but instead carry straight on.

8.50 Km (292 m) 1 h 48 min. You will come to a piece of waste ground. The path is difficult to see. Head for the house you can just make out. A hackberry bush can be used as a reference. On taking the path that leads to Can Nogueró, turn off immediately and head alongside it through a field. This section is quite complicated, as you have to climb the terrace on the left when you reach an electricity post so that you can get past the private path to Cal Xicot.

8.90 Km (327 m) 1 h 55 min. You will come to an asphalt trail. Descend to the right, enjoying the wonderful views of the Maial plain.

9.20 Km (317 m) 1 h 58 min. Arrival at the neighbourhood of Segueró. Turn left in front of Can Teixidó and look for the door of the church of Santa Maria de Segueró. Find the passageway to the left of the church and the wall. In the corner, it runs parallel to the wall and to the small drainpipe. After 150 m, cross the waterbed and climb the trail uphill until you reach the wall of Can Campdol. Go around the house to the left.

9.60 Km (357 m) 2 h 05 min. You will then reach the road and come back to the GR 2 footpath that accompanies the route to Lladó. Follow it to your right towards Cabanelles.

10.90 Km (374 m) 2 h 22 min. At the left-hand bend, leave the asphalt path to turn right, following the red and white marks of the GR footpath. The path begins to descend and, after 200 m, take the fork to the left.

11.50 Km (360 m) 2 h 31 min. On reaching the hill after the electricity line, take the fork uphill to the right towards Can Cortada, up a steep slope and following the power lines.

12.60 Km (241 m) 2 h 47 min. Turn sharp left to avoid passing through the property of Can Cortada. The trail is very narrow and woody. Cross the stream and carry straight on to the path. Continue right, following the stream that remains on your right.

13.20 Km (198 m) 2 h 56 min. Just before you reach the Can Jaume stream, take an uphill path on your left that has a sign forbidding the entry of vehicles. At the first fork, turn left and carry straight on until you reach the asphalt road of Sant Martí Sesserres.

14.30 Km (298 m) 3 h 12 min. Go to the left uphill. After 1 Km, leave the asphalt and take the road on the right towards Sant Martí Sesserres.

15.80 Km (340 m) 3 h 30 min. Sant Martí Sesserres. Take the path on the left alongside the hay loft.

16.50 Km (328 m) 3 h 38 min. Take the path uphill to the right. The path is very clear and should be followed until you reach a junction with four paths, where you carry straight on, leaving the path heading for Sola de Bedós to your left. After 2 Km, when you reach Las Alberas, you will be given a unique view of the Pyrenees and Alt Empordà.

20.70 Km (196 m) 4 h 28 min. Plaça Major square in Lladó.

  • Classification of the route: Nature
  • Means of transport: On foot
  • Level of difficulty: Beginners
  • Circuit distance: 20,7 km
  • Length of stay: 5 h
  • Uphill (m): 450
  • Downhill: 510
  • Visiting season: All year round
  • Tourist offices: Besalú
  • Province: Girona
  • Region: Alt Empordà, Garrotxa
  • Places of interest: Iglesia de Santa Magdalena
  • Signs: 
  • Advice: Se recomienda llevar calzado cómodo
Besalú – Lladó
  • Besalú – Lladó

  • Pyrenees

  • Besalú – Lladó
  • Besalú – Lladó

  • Pyrenees

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