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Banyoles is the capital of Pla de l'Estany, a flat region covered by a lake and flanked by the Rocacorba mountain range. The history of this region has always been linked to the waters of the lake, which has many attractions to visit: the gardens, the fishing boats and the paths close to the shore.

In addition the city has received the seal of Sports Tourism Destination, which guarantees its suitability for practising a variety of sports. Specifically, it has facilities and services for those who wish to practise rowing, kayaking, swimming, cycling and triathlon.

From an architectural point of view, worth noting is the historic quarter, with the Main square, the monastery of Sant Esteve, the church of Santa Maria dels Turers, the Pia Almoina and the Llotja del Tint, among others. In addition, there are two interesting museums: the Regional Archaeological Museum and the Darder Natural History Museum.

The essentials

- Follow the route around the lake.
- See the Main square.
- Walk around the fisheries.
- Visit the monastery of Sant Esteve.
- Visit the church of Santa Maria.
- Pay a visit to the Regional Archaeological Museum.
- See the Darder Natural History Museum.


  • Region: Pla de l'Estany
  • Province: Girona
  • Location: Banyoles
  • Size: 11
  • Inhabitants: 19341
  • Promoting organisation: Turisme – Ajuntament de Banyoles
  • Web:
You are adhered to: Sports Tourism
You are adhered to: Sports Tourism

Economic activity

Agriculture produces a variety of crops: garden produce, cereals (especially wheat and maize) and fodder. Garlic crops, typical of the area, replaced hemp at the end of the 19th century. The primary livestock raised are pigs and cattle; poultry farms have recently been created as well. The services sector has experienced significant growth lately thanks in part to tourism and the summer holiday. The industries of metallurgy, food products, textiles and wood are also worth mentioning.

You are adhered to: Sports Tourism
You are adhered to: Sports Tourism
  • Banyoles

  • Banyoles
  • Banyoles

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