Balneari Titus

Thermal Spa, Thermal centre, Hotel, 3 stars
In the Maresme district between Arenys and Caldetes, Balneari Titus is the centre of sodium chloride waters closest to the sea in Catalonia, just fifty metres from the beach and five metres above sea level. A privileged place.

The Titus spa resort is one of the most recent to be opened in Catalonia. Set up in 1992, it has a surprisingly modern appearance, very different to the majority of these establishments.

However, the spring supplying its water was discovered in 1974. That same year, the Banys de Can Titus was built; it was one of the most important thermal spa centres in the Maresme at that time, but fell into disrepair until it finally closed.

The spa resort is very close to the boundary with Caldes d'Estrac and fifty metres from the beach, over which it has splendid views. It has a large garden with an open-air pool fed by hot spring water, terrace, a gym and all the usual therapy facilities. It does not have bedrooms, but agreements are in place with local hotels to offer discounts to its customers.

The main treatments offered are whole or partial body massages of all kinds, seaweed, mud, chocolate and clay therapies, body peeling, electrotherapy with infra-red, electricity and ultrasound, physiotherapy, parafango treatments, paraffin and a back school.

The water is classed as mesothermal (from underground, at medium depth), contains chloride, emerges at 38 degrees Centigrade and contains medium levels of mineral salts. It is particularly recommended for rheumatic and osteoarticulatory (arthritis) diseases, respiratory system and blood circulation, disorders and for some skin complaints. It is also considered useful for combating tiredness and stress.

  • Water characteristics: Chlorinated, Mesothermal, Medium mineralisation, Sodic
  • Water Temperature: +38 °С
  • Spa treatments: Aerosols, Aromatherapy, Bubbles, Kinesiotherapy, Clapping, Hydropinic cure, Lymphatic drainage, Circular shower, Scottish shower, Showers, Electrotherapy, Cosmetics and beauty, Mud therapy, Hydromassage, Inhalation, Laser therapy, Maniluvium / Hand bath, Massage, Nebuliser treatment, Oxygen therapy, Nature therapy, Parafango, Pediluvium / Foot bath, Pulverisation, Reflextherapy, Reflextherapy, Steam
  • Location: Beach
  • Director: Maria Dolors Serrano Navarro
  • Open at Christmas: S
  • Open at Easter : S
  • Sector: Associació Balneària
  • Year of construction: 1794
  • Condition: Good


Direct access to beach

Access for disabled people




Heated swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool

Relaxation room


Medical service

Tanning beds


Health and beauty centre

Room amenities

Air conditioned

Hair dryer





Colour TV

Balneari Titus
  • Balneari Titus

  • Address:Road N-II, quilòmetre 655

  • 08350 Arenys de Mar

  • Barcelona / Costa Barcelona

  • Balneari Titus
  • Balneari Titus

  • Address: Road N-II, quilòmetre 655

  • 08350 Arenys de Mar

  • Barcelona / Costa Barcelona

  • Telephone:937 912 076 / 937 911 977


  • Web:

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