Grand Tour de Cataluña. Un viaje, muchos caminos.

Te proponemos dar la vuelta a Cataluña en coche y a tu ritmo. Un viaje lleno de viajes en el que tú decides por dónde ir en cada momento.

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These images have been acquired through the Eurocat project within the EU programme POCTEFA and, accordingly, their public display must carry the logos of the EU funding.  (© @ Departament de Presidència de la Generalitat de Catalunya)
Temps de Flors
The exhibition will feature 145 floral spaces, shared between 82 courtyards, 54 monuments and 9 gardens, as well as 4 spaces in the district of Vista Alegre and the Calle Carme. Floral spaces around the city are made up of 195 projects presented by different national and international artists.
Museum of Natural Sciences (© Imagen M.A.S.)
l'Ascensió Fair
The renovated Ascensió de Granollers Fair celebrates a new edition full of projects. This is the multi-sector fair in the capital of Vallès Oriental, which pays special attention to the region's most dynamic sectors, such as industry, agriculture, livestock, trade and motor vehicles.
Snail Fair. (© Lluís Carro)
Aplec del Cargol
Over the course of three days, 13,000 residents from Lleida distributed into approximately a hundred associations have a plot in the Camps Elísis to eat approximately 12 tonnes of snails. The city's most multitudinous festival visitors can try different recipes in the restaurant area.
Formula 1 race at the Catalonia Circuit, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari. (© Jordi Cotrina)
Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix
The Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix will take place at the Catalonia Circuit.
Performing the Sant Crist dance  (© Oriol Llauradó)
"Ball del Sant Crist" Dance
The "Sant Crist" dance portrays a legend dating back to Medieval times. This celebration, where theatre and dance mingle, was declared a traditional festival of National Tourist Interest in 1999.
Picnic de la Feria Modernista de Terrassa. (© Ajuntament de Terrassa)
Terrassa Modernist Fair
A fair that lets you relive the Terrassa of one hundred years ago. The setting, the performances, the exhibitions and the activities will transport you to that historical period.
La Seu and the old quarter from the La Suda Castle  (© Miguel Raurich)
Joan Cid i Mulet Literary Fair
A literary fair in homage to the native writer Josep Cid i Mulet hosted each year by the EMD of Jesús. The event brings together writers, booksellers and representatives of the socio-cultural field. Activities are also scheduled for all audiences.
Vista lateral del escenario del Liceu de Barcelona durante el espectáculo de música dance orquestada "Maestro" de Flaix FM para celebrar su 25º aniversario, con montaje audiovisual de la empresa Eikonos. (© Eikonos)
FiM. Feria de Música emergente y familiar de Vila-seca
La Feria de Música emergente y familiar es un acontecimiento esencial para el sector profesional de la música emergente. Todos los agentes que participan en la programación y producción musical se reúnen con el propósito de consolidar alianzas y reforzar la actividad de nuevos talentos.