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Representació del Pessebre Vivent de Corbera de Llobregat.       (© High Fidelity Collective)
Living Nativity Scene in Corbera de Llobregat
The town of Corbera de Llobregat is the setting of the oldest living nativity scene in Catalonia once more.
Detail of a modernist façade in the portico square of Fra Bernadí    (© Servicios Editoriales Georama)
Manlleu's shopkeepers and associations organise a big Christmas fair with activities for all ages.
Production of a clog at the medieval fair. (© Lluís Carro)
Medieval Market
When approaching Christmas holidays, the old part of Vic welcomes a large medieval market that recalls the past of the medieval city. 
Detail of a "faia" (torch) burning during the Fia-Faia Festival (© Oriol Llauradó)
Fia-Faia Fair of Bagà
At sunset on Christmas Eve, this festival, declared to be of National Interest, is held and consists of burning enormous torches, known as faies and lighting a huge bonfire.
Dromedary with presents during the parade of the Three Wise Men (© Oriol Llauradó)
Three Kings Parade
The Three Kings of the East arrive in Catalonia another year, bringing gifts and lots of excitement.
Coach during the parade of the Three Wise Men (© Oriol Llauradó)
Igualada Magi Procession
The "Reis d'Igualada" parade is, without any doubt, the city festival that attracts the most people.
Houses next to the Onyar river and Girona cathedral  (© Servicios Editorials Georama)
Acocollona't (Find Yourself) A week of fantasy and horror films of Girona
For a week Girona hosts this festival dedicated to fantasy and horror films. Films and short films are screened, which take part in the official section, and talks, book presentations and a Zombie Walk are organised.
Back of the castle, old Episcopal palace  (© Servicios Editoriales Georama)
The Sweet Fair
The centre of La Bisbal d'Empordà is the setting for this fair dedicated to sweets and confectionery, with a great variety of products that will delight both children and adults. There are also activities related to gastronomy.