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Detail of the decorations and nocturnal illumination at the Bosc de Fusta in Calle Verdi. Gràcia Festivities (© Gemma Miralda)
"Festa Major" (local festival) in Gràcia
Every neighbourhood in the city of Barcelona has its own grand festival which is normally held in summer, however that of the neighbourhood of Gràcia is undoubtedly the most multitudinous. The most distinctive features of the Gràcia annual festival are the street decorations, the concerts and the other events that take place.
Dancing Cercolets. Festival of San Fèlix (© Gemma Miralda)
Festa Major (local festival) in Vilafranca del Penedès
Folklore, music and shows are the components of a festival whose key element lies in the participation of the people.
Snail Fair. (© Lluís Carro)
Aplec del Cargol
Over the course of three days, 13,000 residents from Lleida distributed into approximately a hundred associations have a plot in the Camps Elísis to eat approximately 12 tonnes of snails. The city's most multitudinous festival visitors can try different recipes in the restaurant area.
Mercat de la Música Viva in Vic Stage, musicians, (La Carrau, CAT), audience, Plaça dels Màrtirs (© Marc Castellet Puig)
Vic Live Music Market
The "Mercat de Música Viva" (live music market) in Vic is held at different venues in the city during the month of September. Numerous musical performances in a great variety of styles take place at this time.
Traditional crossing of Banyoles lake (© Cablepress)
Open water swim on Banyoles Lake
The latest swim across the famous lake of Banyoles takes place at 10.30 am.
Pyrotechnic-musical of the celebrations of Mercè (© Lluís Carro)
"La Mercè" festival
For one week, there are shows and activities for all ages, such as rock concerts, "castellers" (people who form human towers), "correfocs" (fireworks and devils) or an amazing pyromusical show.
Shepherd at the "Gossos d'Atura" (Sheep Dog) Competition (© Oriol Llauradó)
"Gossos d'Atura" (Sheep Dog) Competition
Castellterçol hosts one of the exhibition contests that has allowed the spread of this breed amongst the less specialist audience over recent years.
Screening of a film at the Sitges Festival - Catalonia International Film Festival (© Oriol Llauradó)
Sitges Catalonia International Fantastic Film Festival
More than 300 films are shown and diverse activities are organised during this outstanding film festival.