Water game at the children's Club on the beach at CalafellWater game at the children's Club on the beach at Calafell

With children


With children

Catalonia for every family
Catalonia rolls out the red carpet for your family when you come here on holiday. If you are looking for an active holiday by the sea, our seaside resorts offer you countless water-based activities, such as scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and other activities including even skateboarding.

Nature and culture for children
If you are looking for something inland, the countryside and natural parks offer exceptional routes through the natural surroundings on foot, by bike or on horseback. There are few things more rewarding than travelling the Catalan land with your children, introducing them to the history of the Roman era in Tarragona, ancient Greece in the ruins of Ampurias (Empúries) in Girona, the food and wine culture in Lléida or the Romanesque, Gothic and Modernist styles of Barcelona. Catalonia is about enjoyment, leisure and fun, but also immersion into past, present and future Mediterranean culture.

A country of beaches for all ages
Numerous coastal towns have the 'Family-friendly Beach Holidays' label, which guarantees facilities and services adapted to the needs of children. The accommodation also makes it easier by providing family rooms, cots and even push chairs and children's menus. After all, these are the basis for a comfortable family stay. Other great options include the numerous campsites offering a wide range of children's activities or hotels with mini-clubs. Plus, there's nothing better than a day out at PortAventura to for a truly happy family.

Local festivities
Do you really want to miss out on the most talked-about festivals that take place throughout the region? Feel the fervour at the Patum de Berga festival, or the heat of the Falles del Pirineu fire festival; both are considered UNESCO "intangible cultural heritages" and are unique experiences. These journeys into the traditions and most authentic emotions of the Catalan people also include the "Cos Blanc" in Salou, the "Temps de Flors" in Girona and the great human towers traditionally created throughout the year. Catalonia is festive, multicoloured and, above all, suitable for families. If you like music, don't miss out on the Esbaiola't music festival in Esterri d'Àneu or other events in Cambrils, Calafell and Salou throughout the summer.