We are giving you a challenge: let your imagination soar and pretend to be a travel writer. You could choose to be Ulysses, Jules Verne or Stevenson. With a notepad under your arm, your destination will be Catalonia. Shall we begin?

What landscapes do you want to explore?
When you arrive, the first thing you'll notice is the diverse landscape. The Mediterranean shows up in the story. This sea bathes the entire coast, which affects the character of the people here. It has been an entry point for many civilisations and cultures who have together woven the history of Catalonia and formed the Catalan culture: with its own language, Catalan, and multiple expressions.
But the sea is not all. To the north, the Catalan  Pyrenees  rise imposingly as the second natural border, where the rural world coexists with the new visitors, and also the  18 Natural Parks  around the country.

Barcelona's magnetism
As well as the natural surroundings, we must not forget the urban, and in this category  Barcelona is the star. The Catalan capital is modern and cosmopolitan, a vibrant city that begs to be explored on foot to discover its daily nature, its   modernist architecture, the culture and the gastronomy. In Barcelona you want to be in the street because the sun shines most of the year  and the temperatures are mild. Look, now your notebook is almost full and your journey has just begun. 

The ages of culture
Culture will fill a few more pages of your travel book. Did you know that in the  Vall de Boí there is the largest set of Romanesque churches in Europe, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site? In Tarragona the cultural legacy goes even further back in time to the splendour of the Roman Empire. A stroll around the ancient walls or the amphitheatre will be very inspiring for you. Are you sure about the historical references of your story? The modernists can give you the omnipresent figure of the genius  Salvador Dalí on the Costa Brava or the architectural hallmark of   Gaudí in Barcelona with its modernist buildings.

Gastronomic passion
Any worthy travel book must include a few touches of gastronomy, don't you think?  The  Catalan cuisine is one of the most prestigious in the world. Internationally famous chefs such as Ferran Adrià,  Carme Ruscalleda and the  Roca brothers come from here. All have been fundamentally influenced by the country's traditional gastronomy based on fresh and local products. Seeing this gastronomic intensity, maybe it would be best to devote a whole chapter of your book to it, rather than a few mentions, don't you think? The choice is in your hands.

Land easy to explore
A trip around Catalonia is full of surprises. Although it is almost impossible to discover them all, you can have many. How? The explanation is simple. This is a small region that you can travel easily. By car, you can travel from north to south in three hours, combining   the beach  and mountains, city and  countryside, two cities, the combinations are infinite and will give the story colour.

At this time, your imagination  has already soared to Catalonia. When will you go?

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Ex. Barcelona, Gelida
    Ex. Barcelona, Gelida