Roman amphitheatre.  (Lluís Carro)Roman amphitheatre. (Lluís Carro)

Where can you find UNESCO World Heritage in Catalonia?


Where can you find UNESCO World Heritage in Catalonia?

From cave paintings to the architecture of the Romanesque churches of Vall de Boí, from the archaeological treasure of the Roman city of Tárraco to the monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet, Catalonia is full of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, recognised for their exceptional quality and their contribution to the legacy of world culture. Catalonia offers several routes that pass by these cultural gems so you can experience, understand and appreciate them.

UNESCO has also chosen to preserve the heritage of Catalan traditions. La Patum, an ancient festival that has been celebrated in Berga since the 14th century, and the impressive human towers of the ´castellers´ (human tower builders), a symbol of teamwork, have been recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO,  alongside the ´fallas´ (ancient fire ceremonies) of the Catalonian Pyrenees. Take a look at the Catalan festival calendar, choose one, and dedicate a day to experiencing some of these traditions that weave the cultural soul of Catalonia together.

So now you know where you can find UNESCO World Heritage in Catalonia.