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What’s the best way to discover the Catalan Pyrenees?


What’s the best way to discover the Catalan Pyrenees?

At your leisure. The Catalan Pyrenees should be savoured. Located just over an hour's drive from Barcelona, the Catalan Pyrenees are rife with natural landscapes painted with the grey rocky shades of summits over 3,000 meters high, the intense green of the pine forests, and the crystal blue of the glacial lakes that can be admired by following some of the many routes on offer.

You will find seven natural parks and one national park, which can be enjoyed  along the routes that run through them. In the Pyrenees of Catalonia there are over 1,000 kilometres of marked trails.

The history of the Catalan Pyrenees
Touring the Pyrenees of Catalonia is more than just admiring landscapes. There are routes that trace ancient roads like those that connected the various towns of Val d'Aran or those that allow you to discover the Romanesque heritage of Catalonia. Other routes allow you to visit medieval towns such as Besalú, Sant Joan de las Abadesses and Ripoll, admired for their medieval architecture and, in the case of the last two, for their monasteries.

It doesn't matter how you choose to travel: there are routes designed for hiking enthusiasts and routes tailored for bicycles. As an original option, sustainable or old-school, depending on how you see it, you can ride a donkey. Of course, you can also take the trip on horseback. The routes are accessible year-round, even if it snows.

When you travel to Catalonia, come to the Pyrenees.