Rest and fine dining in Gastronomic Hotels

The Catalan Gastronomic Hotels like to pamper their clients' senses. There are many more pleasures to be had in these hotels than just sleeping. Their recipe for a great holiday: rest and fine dining. Your stay will become an unforgettable sensory experience.

Gastronomic Hotels are establishments with a maximum of 60 rooms and high-quality culinary offerings. The staff are friendly and warm. Their gastronomy preserves the personality, identity and typical produce of the local area. 

These hotels offer menus that borrow heavily from the traditional Catalan cookbook, with local produce and ingredients which have protected designation of origins and protected geographical indications.

Any of the Gastronomic Hotels are a great excuse to get away and see Catalonia.

What are you waiting for?

A foodie’s dream: fine dining and a restful stay. Two pleasures offered by the Catalan Gastronomic Hotels.

Highlighted Gastronomic Hotels

Ex. Barcelona, Gelida
    Ex. Barcelona, Gelida