Olive Oil Tourism: a new way to taste Catalonia

Every day, more and more people are coming to enjoy olive oil tourism. It is a way of immersing yourself into Catalan culture through an indispensable element of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil.

Olives have been a part of the Catalan landscape for millennia, and have shaped the culture of these lands. There are five protected designation of origin oils throughout Catalonia, each with its own well-defined flavour and body. Climate, soil type and variety of olives used all contribute to these different varieties. We have various local species, such as the 'argudell' from L'Empordà, or the 'morruda' from El Baix Ebre.

Spread around Catalonia there are nearly a hundred producers, many of which open their facilities so you can get to know the secrets behind the liquid gold. They organize all types of activities for you to learn to smell, taste and differentiate each of the oils' finer nuances.

Production techniques have evolved over the ages, but in Catalonia you can travel back in time and discover how olive oil was made centuries ago. There are over 40 olive oil mills to visit where you can learn about the basic techniques used to produce it. And if you want to learn about what the olive landscape was like years ago, in Ulldecona you will find a real gem: the greatest collection of thousand-year-old olive trees in the world.

Did you know that olive oil is a great product for moisturising and exfoliating the skin? This products benefits go far beyond gastronomy, and for years it has been applied as part of beauty treatments in various Catalan spas. Olive oil will help you to feel good inside and out.

What are you waiting for to live the olive oil experience?

Olive cultivation has affected the personality of many areas in Catalonia, and has transformed its landscape. Olive oil tourism is a very authentic way to immerse yourself in Catalan culture.

Highlighted Oil Designations of Origin

Highlighted high production areas

Ex. Barcelona, Gelida
    Ex. Barcelona, Gelida