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Vilalba dels Arcs inside - wine tourism

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Vilalba dels Arcs inside - wine tourism
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Catalan, Espagnol, Anglais

Today, many people say the Terra Alta is the Catalan Tuscany. A territory that exalts the essence of Mediterranean landscapes, its people and the quality of its oil and wine. In the same way that light in this area Italian inspired geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, landscapes, mountains rounded light of Terra Alta also attracted artists such as Pablo Picasso. Terra Alta is now one of the most pristine of Catalonia, with great potential cultural, natural and gastronomic. Several wineries cooperative modernist buildings were designed in the 20th century by the Catalan architect Cesar Martinell, who was a student of Antoni Gaudí. These include the famous Pinell de Brai, near the town of Waldo.

DO "Terra Alta" was recognized provisionally in 1972. Along with Alella Conca de Barbera, Emporda, Penedès, Priorat and Tarragona, and is one of the seven denominations of origin historical Catalonia. The most important qualities are related to the customs men and women try to express all the Terra Alta, customs and tradition in production since time immemorial, people with their own life and identity wine, the passion, humility and hard work, along with family owned vineyards and wine cellars. Despite the importance and quality of the wines, the most obvious proof of this culture is in the white wine. During the first half of the nineteenth century writer Joan Perucho, and even Pablo Picasso knew the wines of Terra Alta distinguished by borders or brisats (both are white wines, but tend to have a color brisats yellow / straw and obtained by contact with skin fermentation.

A route "Vilalba dels Arcs inside" we will look at two wineries own Vilalba Arcs. Two family wineries that bring extensive experience in viticulture diversity of this town strongly linked to rural life.

Timing of the route (Saturday afternoon):

16:00 to 16: 15h. Visitor reception at the Hotel Modern Vilalba. Brief introduction to Terra Alta and the route to perform.

16:15 to 16: 30h. Moving up to the vineyards of Vilalba dels Arcs.

16:30 to 17:00. Guided tour of the vineyards.

17:00 to 17:15. Moving to the first cellar.

17:15 to 18:15. Guided tour of the winery and wine tasting in the cellar.

18:15 to 18: 30h. Moving to new facilities next cellar.

18:30 to 19: 00h. Reception and guided tour of the new winery.

19:00 to 19: 15h. Scroll to the old cellar.

19:15 to 20: 00h. Guided tour of the old winery and wine tasting.

Note: The schedule could be modified after consultation Leisure Time Travel

* * The package includes

  • 1 night accommodation in a double / single room with breakfast at the Hotel Modern New 2 *

  • Visit the two family wineries established in Vilalba dels Arcs

  • Wine Tasting

Languages *: * Catalan, Spanish and English

* The price does not include: *

  • The transfer to other Vilalba dels Arcs and mobility in the region.

  • Tourist tax to pay on the property.

* Please note * Option to hire half board (12 EUR / person)

Accessibility *: * Experience not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

* Price per person. Group minimum 4 people. *

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Type d’événement Gastronomie et vin

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