Обучение парусному спорту в одной из школ в л'ЭстартитеОбучение парусному спорту в одной из школ в л'Эстартите


Активный и спортивный туризм


Sailing unites tradition and innovation, speed and relaxation. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sea whilst being propelled by the cleanest and most silent form of energy. Once you have learnt the techniques, sailing is a complete adventure.

The history of sailing is almost as old as humanity itself. The methods used to sail across the sea depend on the boat, but the basic principles are the same. What looks like a calm trip from the outside however, is a real test of strength, skill and coordination. In order to crew and manage a sailing boat, you need to understand the techniques and the jargon.

Big competitions are where you can see the skill required and how one simple mistake can be fatal. The boat obviously relies on the wind, but the skill to control and turn the wind, not into an obstacle, but into your best friend is also essential.

There are many companies on the Catalan coast that offer sailing boat trips and training to become a skipper.

The Ocigirona association, which groups together leisure activity companies in Girona, organises trips throughout the year. If you sail along the Costa Brava, you’ll discover coves with clear water. This can be done in boats with lateen sails and excellent crews. There are half-day, full-day or weekend trips.

If however you want to sail independently, one option is the Estació Nàutica de L’Estartit – Medes Islands (in Estartit). Here you can make initial contact with the sport of sailing. You will be given an introduction to the sport and during the activity, the crew sail the boat under the supervision of the instructor who sails with them. The options are yachting, which is just for adults, and dinghy sailing, which is for adults and children.


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