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Trets distintius: Artesania

Catalonia has a long tradition of artisans, which originates in its history and culture and demonstrates the country´s unique nature. The vitality and survival of Catalan craftsmanship is evident through the 75 active associations, collectives and guilds; the 33 open museums related to traditional trades; and the 61 fairs and celebrations featuring crafts and trades which are held throughout Catalonia. The list of craft trades includes almost three hundred activities of all kinds. Of these, the following are of special note, due to the diversity of their specialties: those related to furniture making, the textile industries, leather, clothing and fur items, the production of metal instruments and the wood and cork industries, amongst many others. Especially important are modern crafts in fields such as jewellery, fashion and accessories, in which it is clear that Catalan craftsmanship can be constantly updated and renewed without losing its roots, to equip it for latest market demands.

Since 2000, the Generalitat (Government of Catalonia) has recognised the regions and geographic areas that stand out thanks to their active and homogeneous craft communities, those known as Zones d´Interès Artesanal (Areas of Artisan Interest). There are sixteen areas across the country with thriving trades such as pottery and cabinet-making, alongside religious imagery, lace making and alabaster work.

The Catalan Artisans Centre is a Generalitat organisation that accredits, informs and promotes the authenticity of the craft activity, reflecting its importance as part of Catalan identity.


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