Trekking Trekking


Активный и спортивный туризм


Trekking is a sport that represents a way of connecting with nature and of enjoying the countryside at the same time as doing physical exercise. It involves walking on your own through a mountain area for more than a day without coming into direct contact with civilisation.

The sport was begun by the mountain climbers who travelled to the Himalayas to define the walks taking them up to the peaks that they were thinking of climbing during the 1980s.

Normally, trekking is done in isolated areas, where all necessary equipment needs to be transported to before beginning. In fact, the sport is the foundation activity upon which all outdoor extreme sports are based . There are however different levels of difficulty, from the most basic to walks across areas lasting distances that require a certain amount of preparation, some orienteering and map knowledge, an understanding of special food and how to handle mountaineering equipment and techniques. All you need for this sport is a good pair of boots, comfortable clothes, a rucksack or bag for carrying provisions, water, glasses, a hat and poles.

Some people clearly separate trekking from walking, despite the fact that they have certain elements in common. Walking involves travelling through the mountains with a permanent base, using established paths that are marked with signs and which have a special cultural or scenic value. Trekking on the other hand, is a daily walk from one shelter to the next with your rucksack on your back, involving long routes that take you through fairly inaccessible places. To summarise, trekking involves long hiking routes.

In Catalonia there are many routes and trails. The parks in the Lleida Pyrenees are the perfect place for trekking, such as the Aigüestortes estany de Sant Maurici park. It is a good idea to contact a company that can provide you with the necessary information and experienced guides. Giroguies in Palafrugell (Girona) organises routes throughout Catalonia, such as from the Pyrenees to La Garrotxa and many other destinations all over the world.


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