Активный и спортивный туризм


In a kayak, on skis, swimming, by bike or on foot. Touring in order to discover new routes, explore places, or take a trip while you do an outdoor sporting activity is quite a challenge for the most determined.

Tours are markedly competitive and adventurous in nature. Touring involves undertaking long journeys on foot or with the help of specific equipment and techniques. Touring can also be done however without many problems and without thinking about the time. You just need to be fairly physically fit.

In Catalonia, some tours are very long-standing, such as the swimming tour from the port of Barcelona, organised by the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta, or the Matagalls-Montserrat walking tour, organised by the Club Excursionista de Gràcia.

Atlas Natura in the district of Ribes de Freser, is a mountain guide association. The association organises sports, cultural and nature tours for groups. It specialises in long tours, such as the Integral de los Pirineos, a route that goes from the Cantabrian sea to the Mediterranean. This route is only feasible for people who are used to walking or mountaineering.

Viatges Alemany in Vic organises a walking tour from Rupit to the Castanyadell valley, crossing the whole of the Sua valley. You can spend two or three nights in the area. This long walk is not at all difficult and is suitable for everyone. Part of the route coincides with the GR-2 path.


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