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Towns, cities, and seaside villages that you will remember


Towns, cities, and seaside villages that you will remember

It is uncontrollable. There are towns that, when you visit them for first time, are already a part of your memories forever. In Catalonia, you will find towns with this magnetism in many corners of the geography. It is time for you to discover them. To facilitate this mission, the Catalan Tourism Agency has gathered them together under the label ëPueblos con Encantoí (Charming Towns), a selection made by an expert committee that has been in charge of evaluating and certifying that all the standards set are met.

These villages preserve a homogeneous and harmonic architecture, with an authentic old quarter that maintains the aroma of the past with typically regional and local decorative elements and designs. They are a good place to connect with the local people and with the roots of Catalan history, woven by the influence of diverse cultures and periods ranging from the Greek and Roman to the Middle Ages, Gothic, and modernism.

Cities and Villages with Character
Some special cities will find a place in your memories album. As with the towns, the Catalan Tourism Agency has created the label ëCities and Villas with Characterí to choose the most relevant for you.
History and culture are two of the traits that define their personality, as well as an important variety of relevant traditions and festivities that shape the personality of Catalonia. The gastronomic and oenological culture is breathed everywhere and manifests itself both from a traditional and modern point of view. Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Reus, Vic, Tortosa, and Vilafranca del PenedËs. These examples can guide you, but there are more. From the Catalan Pyrenees to the sea, the Catalan map is dotted all over with these cities.

Seaside villages
Catalonia is a region that looks out onto the sea. Along its coast you will find many seaside villages that confirm this. The sea and the light are a quality of these towns, many of them with lime-washed walls and navy-blue doors and windows in permanent dialogue with the burst of the blue of the Mediterranean. All have been able to respond to the new needs of tourism without losing their essence, preserving the way they live to a large extent, and still maintaining a strong tradition and the presence of fishermen.

Choose your favourites and plan a trip to visit them.