Archery. Archery.

Tir amb arc

Активный и спортивный туризм

Tir amb arc

Archery is associated with a poetic image and legendary icons such as William Tell and Robin Hood. Today, it is an Olympic sport and a good way of learning about patience, marksmanship and one’s own skills.

Precision, concentration and pressure are essential for this thousand-year-old practice that has gone from being a weapon to an Olympic sport. An entire array of technology and modernity placed at the service of one of man’s oldest practices.

Those who wish to learn about this sport and spend a day with the family can contact an adventure sports company, which will provide the necessary equipment and instruction. One example is 7 d’Aventura in Seva (Barcelona). There one can try their hand at archery in the woods, where various targets in three different sizes are set up that represent wild animals.

To participate in more demanding events, one must have a federation licence. Competitions can be held in an open or closed-off field, for individuals or teams. First, one must contact the Federació Catalana de Tir amb Arc.

Barcelona is the province with the most clubs, over thirty, in all Spain. The equipment is provided by the entity, or can be bought at a specialised store. A good place to start is the Camp Municipal de Tir amb Arc, close to the castle of Montjuïc, a perfect spot for practicing this sport outdoors.


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