Descenso por el río durante la Diada dels Raiers    (Josep Tió)Descenso por el río durante la Diada dels Raiers (Josep Tió)

The LGBTI tourism in Catalonia


The LGBTI tourism in Catalonia

The Catalan Tourist Board wishes to make its contribution to the LGBTI community by disseminating spaces that emphasise respect for individual freedom and all that is offered by Catalonia, a country that supports diversity and that was the birthplace of the gay, lesbian and transgender movement when, in 1970, the first underground group in our history was established in Barcelona.

The Government of Catalonia, for its part, created the Programme for the LGBTI community, which, in 2011, became an administrative area within its structure, under the Family Department, called Area for Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTI) people.

Sitges was the pioneer and, before long, a significant recreational and commercial network was created, which, today, is fully operational and included in this website.

Most hotels declare themselves to be gay-friendly, which is why, instead of making a list of the accommodation on offer in the city of Barcelona, only those have been highlighted that are specifically LGBT or members of the ILGTA (International Lesbian and Gay Travel Association), while for the rest of Catalonia a list has been given.

The website also highlights this community's associations and their websites, where more information can be obtained about the movement and different festivals held throughout the year.


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