Roman amphitheatre. Roman amphitheatre.

The icons of Catalonia


The icons of Catalonia

Through the icons you can construct a portrait of the personality of the Catalonians, and the customs and history of Catalonia, and fall in love with this land at the same time - if you have not already done so. You have great things to discover.

In architecture, painting, science, nature, history, sport ... Catalonia has icons that cross borders and make up the symbols of an identity that has been built over millennia. In addition, some of our traditions and popular festivals arouse the interest of visitors from all over the world.

If cultural icons help to paint the portrait of a region, UNESCO is responsible for drawing up one of its own, choosing some that it considers humanity must preserve because of its relevance. Catalonia is the region of Spain that has the greatest number of goods protected by UNESCO, and one with the most in all of Europe.

The icons will help you to take a panoramic view of Catalonia, and make sure you do not miss a thing.