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Taste the cuisine of the Gastronomic Hotels and culinary groups


Taste the cuisine of the Gastronomic Hotels and culinary groups

Catalonia is a land of great gastronomic wealth. It combines creative and innovative cookery with the most traditional cuisine that identifies and defines it.

In Gastronomic Hotels, small establishments serving local dishes, you will find friendly family service in comfortable first-rate accommodation with cuisine that preserves the personality, identity and produce of the area.

The cuisine available in these hotels features a large number of Catalan dishes made with local produce and also products with Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications.

In the preservation of the roots of Catalan cuisine and the promotion of local products, an important role is played by the more than twenty culinary groups (chefs, restaurant associations and, in some cases, food producers) in Catalonia. Spread throughout the country, these culinary groups invite you to enjoy the pleasure of a good meal and offer locally sourced quality cuisine.

Some of them preserve or promote old recipes while others recover old techniques used to make the dishes and the utensils used in the kitchens of yesteryear.

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the food markets, both the municipal ones and those held weekly in most Catalan towns and villages. There you will find quality local produce. You mustn't miss Prades potatoes, ganxet white beans, Siurana oil, calçots (grilled spring onions) from Valls, Ebro Delta rice, llonganissa (dry-cured pork sausage) from Vic or cheeses from the Alt Urgell. This is just a small selection... but there are lots more.

We invite you to taste Catalonia. When you visit Catalonia, don't miss the chance to stay at a Gastronomic Hotel and taste its traditional cuisine and the cuisine that the culinary groups and associations are working to preserve.


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