Catalan, Spanish

The only thing you need to surf is a good sense of balance and then you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. The surfing technique is very different from bodyboarding, as the surfer stands on the board and uses their body to move and ride the waves. If you want to surf, you need to be a very good swimmer and be aware of the dangers that come with encountering waves at high speeds. The basic equipment needed is a wetsuit and a surfboard that measures 1.5 to 2.5 metres in length. During autumn and spring, but especially in the winter (from January to March), when the winds are strongest, surf lovers can show off their tricks. The Escola Catalana de Surf is a good place for learning about this sport. The school has two centres that are open every day of the week: one is in the district of Montgat (Maresme coast) and the other is in Calafell (Costa Daurada). The courses are aimed at people who have never tried surfing or those that have tried without much success The school will provide you with the necessary equipment and you’ll be taught by experienced surfers, who are qualified by the Spanish Federation. The only requirements are being able to swim, really wanting to learn and having a good time.